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Mido Munib presents the new video "Donya New" to Sveta Ben Shehab


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Mido Munib presents the new video of Donya New to Sahila Ben Lahav from the site and Shusha on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

The production of "Mido Munib", a video clip for the song "Donya Neue" by the Algerian singer Suhaila Ben Lahav, was broadcast through "Break Production", the company that produces the works on YouTube and through the "Mazika" channel.

The song bears the title "New Dunya" in the Egyptian dialect and in the words of Osama from destruction, written by Shadi Hassan, and the distribution of the poet Mu, a video directed by Nabil McAvoy, producer and boom boom of the company.

It is worth mentioning that the latest product of the producer Mido Munib, which was presented by the last album "Hania al Donya" by the young singer Heidi Musi, which won the Best Young Singer Award for 2018 The Avi Awards, the last piece by Suheila Ben Lahav, entitled "Lake Manolish "Surpassed the 16 million barrier through its YouTube channel.

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Source: Shusha

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