Saturday , October 1 2022

Omar Al-Liiti presents the initiative "Unconsciousness" and returns the smile to Garma in "One of the People" (video)


Dr. Amro Al-Liiti said that Ahad Ha'am's family continues to dismantle the German women and the Germans, and emphasizes that he is standing next to a series of important works, noting that he will present the story of a woman fighting her name today. Of a workday and a tenth. "

"The lady tried to buy appliances and sell them in installments, so she knows how to eat her children and pay rent for her apartment, but unfortunately it is hard to pay and she has £ 15,000 and she has been raised by a case and controlled by her for 4 years, -With me.

Al-Laiti initiated the "lack of awareness" initiative in cooperation with the Egyptian Association for Integrated Development, adding: "Praise Allah, and in the case of Umm Seif we can pay the sum."

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