Tuesday , August 9 2022

Police and Transport Police efforts within 24 hours


Continued The General Administration of the Transport and Communications Police, Security efforts to target and control all images of crimes, as well as violations and negative phenomena affecting the subway facility, railway stations, railways and public transport positions.

Efforts over the last 24 hours have led to the perception of:M., 34, at the Shubra-El-Khimma train station, in his possession ("43 rolls of heroin, all weighed 36 grams"), and by exposing a precedent defendant In the case of "white weapons" and "MQ", a 32-year-old train station in Al-Dahiriya in the second police station in Bramel, with 40 tablets of Sam drug drug Ammo, a white weapon "Cutter" and " 39; shooting in the second police station in Alexandria, In his possession 130 tablets for the property Epithelium The drug.

The necessary legal steps have been taken and the campaigns continue.

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