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Somaya al-Hashab returns to the song, and her play project is postponed with Ahmed Saad



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With the details of the news: Women's News: Somaya Al-Khasab returns to poetry and rejects her criticism project with Ahmad Sa'ad

Hava: The surprise star Somaya Al-Hisham returned to her audience on Friday, launching a new song called "My Heart is a rapist" on her channel for "YouTube".

The toxicity of her song this time in the Egyptian dialect, after she made her last song in the Gulf dialect, the song "O poor"

According to a press release from her Ministry of Communications, Somaya chose the romantic form to return to her audience after more than two years.

The lyrics of the song say: "My heart is Janas Tappen, who is Beliekhda Khairah and Maidoloush .. Shail Katerr in Hamul on her heart, not Ma Bairmosh .. My heart is pineapple, my mother is Heddy and Maitredloch .. I need people to "" My heart is Janas "Hisham Sadek, the music of Sokka, and distribution of Fido on the other side, the joint film project, which was supposed to be collaborating with Ahmed Saad, screening film, postponed to many duets and not yet set a date.

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