Thursday , May 19 2022

Suehag Governor receives a tourist fugue in the presence of Zaha Khawas


Dr. Ahmed al-Ansari, governor of Sohag, received a tourist delegation of 32 national tourists today, in the presence of Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities and Archaeologist, to visit a number of archaeological sites in the governorate.

The visit began at the temple of Maret Ammon in the city of Ahma'am Farauni, and then examined the statue of Ramses II meters in the same area, and completed the trip of the tour group to Suhag district to go to the Abidus temple in the city of Balina south of the province.

The governor was escorted by Maj. Gen. Hisham al-Shafi, security director of Suhag, and a number of heads of security and leaders in the governorate, and some of the leaders of the Antiquities Authority in Suhag.

Al-Ansari, for his part, said that Suhag has all the tourism components of the temples and museums, and wants to place Sohag on the world tourist map and to operate tourism in the governorate, noting that there is coordination with the Ministry of Antiquities to increase the number of tourist groups to Suhag. The archaeological areas, especially the Ahamim area, include rest and cafeterias to achieve all the tourist attractions of the region in the near future.

Al-Ansari confirmed that Dr. Zahi Hawass's visit with the delegation was a great promotion of the area of ​​the mosque and noted that there was coordination with the Antiquities Minister to emphasize and promote the archaeological areas in Suhag especially because it enjoys many tourist and archaeological areas.

Dr. Zahi Khawas confirmed that the city that was exposed in the city of Akham only 30% of the existing underground, and that the discovery of other effects will open up new horizons for tourism in Egypt and will be a strong impetus to encourage tourism, especially the city of Ahmim, and praised the security role of large places in the governorate of Suhag The excellent security image in Egypt and encourage the attraction of additional tourist groups and give a good impression to the tourist groups, which advance these archeological sites, especially in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that today's visit comes to the program of operating tourism in the Suhag district, prepared by Dr. Ahmed al-Ansari, the governor of the region, to promote all the archaeological areas on the regional soil, including traces of various ages, including pharaohs, Greek, Coptic and Islamic.

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