Sunday , October 2 2022

The Minister of the Environment emphasizes the need to reduce pollution and move forward for a green economy in the Arab world


The Minister of the Environment, Dr. Jasmine Fouad, stressed the need to reconsider at the Arab world level how to reduce pollution, rely on the revolving economy, move forward in a green economy, recover from the corona plague and adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

It comes in a speech, today, Thursday, ahead of the 32nd session of the Arab Council of Ministers responsible for the environment, headed by it, which replaced the state of Libya, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States. .

The Minister of the Environment stressed that there are opportunities that should be seized and not wasted, given that there are many major environmental challenges facing the Arab world, where the mortality rate due to environmental factors has reached 23%, and there are about 670,000 Arab citizens who lose their lives due to environmental challenges. There are non-existent methods, land degradation and very limited natural resources.

She explained that there are many global environmental challenges, chief among them climate change, clearly affecting Arab countries, which became clear to everyone through recent forest fires in several Arab countries, as well as waste and hazardous waste phenomenon and how to deal with it and sanitation and water issue.

The Minister of the Environment added that we must seize the opportunities that allow Arab countries to overcome these environmental challenges, which are directly beneficial to citizens’ health before conserving our natural resources for future generations, especially when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia funds the Green Middle East initiative. Reducing emissions and war in the desert as one of the most important priorities and environmental challenges facing the Arab world, which did not take on the importance of climate change, and stressed the need to support the idea of ​​the UAE hosting the 28th Conference of the Parties to Climate Change in 2023.

In his speech, the Minister reviewed some of Egypt’s recent national visions in protecting the Egyptian environment, including the launch of the main “decent life” initiative to ensure social life for the Egyptian citizen as well as the importance of integrating the environmental dimension into educational curricula by focusing on climate change and biodiversity. In addition, Egypt has established the overall framework for the green recovery strategy combined with the completion of the national climate strategy. Change, but it was not enough. The Egyptian government launched a guide to environmental sustainability standards and worked to allocate 50% of Egyptian government projects to green projects in the next three years and also to support private sector participation in environmental investments by offering $ 750 million in green bonds, as the first country in the East Central and North Africa which launched clean transportation projects.

She called for a focus on climate change due to its importance to science and research in formulating important development policy decisions for Arab countries. For the support of Arab countries in Egypt to support Arabs and Arab institutions and shed light on our priorities on the international map.

At the end of her remarks, the Minister of the Environment thanked the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers responsible for Environment and all Arab, regional and international countries and organizations for their regular and continuous support of the Council. And their contribution to the implementation of its many activities and events for the benefit of our Arab nation.

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