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The series Doctor Ness, the new episode and the factors that helped Ali Wafa’s genius from childhood

The Miracle Doctors series is considered one of the most famous and important series currently shown in Turkish drama, which includes talking about one of the Miracle Doctors in the literal sense of the word, and it is worth noting first that the same series is based on one of the Turkish series bearing the name of the good doctor. Many of the audiences are drama lovers from all over the world, the story of the series revolved around a doctor named Ali Wafa, who suffered from multiple problems at a young age.

The Doctor Miracle series

The miraculous doctor, Ali Wafa, contracted the gifted and autism syndrome at a young age, who played a very big role in what it is now, as he had a very ugly accident at a young age, which caused his brother to die in one of the caves, being surprised their father was responsible for the accident. And pointed an accusing finger at him at the hearth of the fireplace, and the matter did not stop there, but he placed it in a shelter to complete the rest of his life.

The latest news from the series Doctor Miracle Episode 49

All the negative issues Wafa faced when he was young led him to study medicine, so that he could help and treat patients, he had a very strong memory that allowed him to accurately diagnose all diseases that everyone could not diagnose, and upon graduation was appointed in one of the major hospitals in the capital. Bo from a young age, but still had a big problem communicating with patients and colleagues.

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