Monday , October 25 2021

Today, Al-Sheikh celebrates the national day with the opening of two youth centers and two schools


Majed Farid Mustafa, head of the National Security Council, is meeting today in Al-Barlous, in the presence of Dr. Ismail Taha, Governor of Al-Sheikh village.

The celebration of the national day of the province is marked by the opening of the youth centers of the youth of Borolos and the Ballets and the Kfar Galu and Saudi schools for elementary education and the opening of the new Al-Mersaka school.

Dr. Ismail Abd al-Hamid Taha, governor of Al-Sheikh village, congratulated the children of the governorate on the 62 th of Yom Kippur of Al-Sheikh district, corresponding to November 4, in the city of victories "The Tower of Borollos "On Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The Battle of Albrus Marine On November 4, a memorial ceremony will be held in the city of Burg Borolos, soldiers, naval forces, marine music and a bouquet of flowers will line up..

Al-Sheikh celebrates its national day on November 4 each year, but the governor celebrated it on November 14 to complete several schools and projects to open it.

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