Tuesday , May 17 2022

Virgin launches the first hyperlube in the world


Dubai: «Bay»

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Dubai Ports World, Sultan bin Ahmed Sulayam, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors and Appointed Guy Wadler, one of the world's leading public transport managers, the company's director and the board of directors.
HyperLink will be able to expand its focus from an emerging technology notebook to a mass transit company as it launches the world's first hyperblop system between the cities of Boone and Mumbai in India following the latest announcement of a new round. Funding.
Sultan Bin Sulaiman has more than three decades of experience in a wide range of sectors. DP World will become the largest investor in Hyperlink Virgin One after the IPO round, which reinforces the importance of the HyperLoop system for transporting passengers and ordinary goods at flight speeds and at a moving price.
Jerry Ledler led the world's largest and most complex transportation system, serving as chairman and chief executive officer of the New York City Municipal Transportation Authority, CEO of MTR Corporation in Hong Kong and Chief Transport Officer in London, before selling it to the lift. He previously served as a partner in McKinsey, where he led the global infrastructure methods of the well-known consulting firm.
"We are entering a new phase in the implementation of an innovative collective transport system, and there is a need for deep leadership of public transport, expertise in infrastructure financing, proven registration of project implementation and successful work with government partners and private governments, making Gerry and Adler the most capable and effective candidate. The next stage in the company's development and to achieve the desired historical growth for this new industry. "
The company is currently focusing on a large project in India, where the government recently announced the HyperLoop project between the cities of Bonn and Mumbai as part of infrastructure projects at an international alliance including DP World and Hyperlink One. With the government grants the contract, the company will begin the construction of an 11 km "test track" in 2019. After completion of the project, Heiberlop can shorten the flight time between Mumbai and Bonn from 4 hours to 25 minutes.
Sultan Ahmed Ben Sulayam will be the chairman of Hyperlink One Virginia, replacing Richard Branson, who went down last month. Mr. Woodler replaced most of Lloyd, who served as CEO for more than three years , And successfully led the company during its largest expansion, including including the creation of the first and only hyperlube system, a series of global projects and several rounds of recruitment.

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