Monday , April 12 2021

Water cut from downtown Atfih .. Tomorrow

The Water and Sanitation Company announced that you will need to disconnect the water from the city center and smog for 12 hours starting at 9:00 am on Thursday until 9:00 AM to complete the work of connecting the steps The first and second of the expansion project of the Atafah water station.

Major General Ahmad Rashid, the governor of Giza, said that the project is part of the sifting plan to increase its share of drinking water and to solve the problems of water shortage and the shift system, which is increasing during the summer.

The governor instructed the drinking water officials and the sanitation company to comply with the completion dates of the work, and the speed of response to citizens' inquiries and complaints on this matter.

The Giza Authority called upon citizens, public and private interests and institutions in affected areas to manage their drinking water needs during the period of interruption.

The drinking water and sanitation company expressed its willingness to supply cars to transport clean water and sewage to areas affected by the disturbance by calling an emergency number 125.

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