Monday , October 25 2021

Eliminate diabetes with proper exercise


To ensure effective functioning of the human body, it is important that the cells, tissues and muscles work their best. To do this, the most important thing that cells require is glucose, which reaches them through the blood after enough churning by the digestive system. But, if blood glucose levels are above normal limits, but not enough to be called as diabetes, this is called pre-diabetes. It should be treated so that the ultimate lesion of metabolism, diabetes, does not raise its hood.

The pancreas produces insulin from the stomach that keeps blood sugar levels in the human body. In some cases, there is a severe shortage in the production of this hormone called type I diabetes. Only a regular replacement of this hormone can keep the levels under check. Sometimes, decreased production of insulin or insulin function is not open to human metabolism. It is called type II diabetes which is metabolic syndrome.

Before the onset of the syndrome, there is a time when blood sugar levels are more normal, but not enough to be defined as diabetes, which is called as pre-diabetes. Fasting blood sugar when between 110-125mg / dl or when the level is 140-180mg / dl Two hours after ingestion of 100ml of glucose is called pre-diabetes.This can occur about once every ten years before the onset of diabetes.The importance of recognizing this condition Lies in the fact that if efforts are made to withdraw, diabetes itself may be delayed and probably prevented.

There is a tendency for this condition in some people. Some people find themselves more likely than the rest of the population. Among the risk factors that are not under human control is age, because people over the age of 45 are more likely to have it. It's also hereditary.

If parents suffer from this syndrome, the offspring tend to be affected by it. As such, it is a plague of sorts in India as the numbers go up. But, the factors in control of the one that can lead to this problem are quite a few. Obesity stands at the top of the list as all extra pounds around the midriff is inversely proportional to the effect of insulin on the human body as glucose levels rise. Inactivity and lack of physical activity only inject numbness into the body. If a woman suffers from high blood glucose levels during pregnancy (also known as gestational diabetes), they may develop diabetes later in life. Also, women who have had ovarian cysts can be cluttered by it. Increased blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoproteins play too much spoilsport.


  • Eating healthy foods rich in fiber and poor calories ideal as fruits, vegetables and whole grains that necessarily does not mean in any case compromise with taste or nutrition.
  • More energy, a healthier heart and improved self-esteem are the pleasant effects of exercise which burns glucose and the weight and should be adhered to.
  • Homeopathic medicine is to help in this situation when insulin reaching the surface of the cells finds itself insufficient to coax glucose into the metabolism cell as these drugs help in achieving it to some extent. It is of paramount importance as glucose reaches the place where it has the cycle load is reduced. Pancreatin, Insulinum, Sulfur, Lycopodium, Gymnema sylvestra and Syzygium will help in this translation.

These medications can also work in a complementary manner to help the diabetes syndrome be under check or, even better, to be kept.

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