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Hailey Baldwin changed her surname to Beaver on social media.

The 21-year-old model allegedly confirmed that she was married to Justin Bieber by changing her index handle to Hely Rod Bieber on Friday.

Her new name comes after she submitted her married name last month to the trademark.

For a line of clothing, Hailey wrote her maiden name, Hailey Bieber, and HRB3 – a combination of her middle name, Rhode, and her mother's maiden name, Dudatou – under her friend, Roddodato.

Hailey and Popstar Justin have not yet confirmed reports that they conspired in September, but they treated each other as "husband" and "woman."

Rumors that the couple, who got engaged in July, were married after being brought to court in Manhattan.

Hailey again struck speculation at the time, insisting that she was still not married, but Makor told reporters at the Beijing Tonight that they would hold a more formal wedding for family and friends later this year.

"Justin and Hailey wanted to get married and did not want to wait, they still intend to hold a more formal wedding, but for them this intimate ceremony was exactly what they wanted," he explained.

Haley recently went out wearing a coat with an embellished "beaver" on his back in New York, and she could not help but brag about her beau in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"He's amazing," smiled the blond star. "He's crushing everything, every song, every feature, it's crazy to see what he's doing … I always explode."


17 November 2018 / 3:19 pm | a story:

Soul and veteran student Lionel Richie teased his return to the country's music charts by declaring that he was working on "something surprising."

The icon of Hello has previously tackled the genre with his 2012 Tuskegee album, reamping some of his greatest hits as collaborations with countries like Willy Nelson, Darius Rucker, and Blake Shelton.

Now Lionel discovers that soon he is offering new material for fans who have been eager to hear more tracks in the country tinged from great music.

"They keep asking me over and over again … many times, people try to make up something (rumors) to make it happen," he chuckled at Tensian. "But I get it from the local radio:" When are you going to do that? "

"So let's (not) play around, keep your ears open, it's going to be something surprising."

Lionel, who helped show the entertainer of this year's honor on Wednesday night of the 2018 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, stopped to offer specific details about the project but discovers he is a big fan of singer Chris Stapleton.

"I call him," Mr. Stapleton said, "because he's always calling me a legend, so I have to give him a degree." He smiled.

Another star he knew well was Luke Bryan, a fellow judge on the redesigned American Idol show, which talks about the 69-year-old singer buying a pillow in Nashville, but Lionel has so far refused.

"I said, no, Luke, the city is not big enough for both of us!"

16 November 2018 / 2:54 pm | a story:

The actor Ezra Miller gave up monogamous relationships and instead chose to be part of a polyurethane group.

The league's league star is open to dating men and women, and after many failed relationships and heartbreaks, it provides its sexual appetite with a series of partners, called polycola. The group consists of people he met over time as well as his band members and sons of a magnificent father, but membership is selective.

"I'm trying to find strange creatures who understand me as a strange entity outside the bat, with whom I almost make a family relationship, and I feel like I was married to them 25 years ago," he says. Tells Playboy magazine. "And then they're in the class – the polycola, and I know they'll love all the others in Policola, because we're in the polycola, and we love each other so much."

Ezra became aware of his sexuality at an early age and began to feel attracted to whites when he was in kindergarten. By elementary school, he was sexually experimenting, and discovers he and a boy who had a relationship with relied on Playboy and the book Sama got up for guidance.

"We would shake each other while we were connected with these things in different ways, in fact," he says.

However, sex is not always a huge focus for a 26 year old: "Sometimes I do not have sex for a very long time because lack of sex is as important to me as sex," he adds.


November 16, 2018 / 07:01 | a story:

Pregnancy Amy Shumer confirmed reports that she was in hospital, revealing that she was struggling with extreme morning sickness.

The comedian and actress canceled the show in Dallas, Texas after she died overnight on Wednesday, and now she has taken social media to apologize to fans.

She took a shot at the hospital and found she was fighting hypermiza.

"Texas I'm so sorry," she wrote the picture. "I really expect these shows, I have to re-schedule.

"I'm in the hospital, I'm fine, the baby's fine, but anyone who says the second trimester is better does not say the full story. I'm even sicker in this third."

"I have hypermas and it blows," she went on. "It's great luck to be pregnant but it's a bit of nonsense. Do not send so much love to doctors and nurses who take care of me very much … They're as cool as hell and Texas I'm really really sorry and I'll be there the moment I'm better."

Earlier this month, the entertainment watchmaker said the evening was her pregnancy and was "really hard" so far, but last week she posted a video of herself responding to see her baby kick on a sonogram.

"Jesus Christ, it's all around," she cried. "My God, look, there's so much energy in it, that's why I fuck every day.

Amy was recently in the hospital back to severe kidney infection and spent five days under a doctor's care.

She announced the news that she and her nine-month-old husband, Chris Fisher, were expecting their first child together at the end of last month.

November 16, 2018 / 06:59 | a story:

Kim Porter, a mother of Deep's three children, Didi, died at the age of 47.

The model and the actress were found dead at her home in Toluca Lake, near Los Angeles, on Thursday.

Sources of emergency services book TMZ were called to her home following reports of cardiac arrest.

Representative says page six, "Unfortunately, I can confirm the death of Kim Porter, I would like to give the families private at this time."

Porter, who had been dating the rap boss and the entrepreneur for 13 years alternately between 1994 and 2007, was the daughter of two 12-year-olds, Jim Lauder and Leila Christian, 20.

She was also the mother to record the producer to Son Quracy's son Sura.

Coombs has three other children – boys Quincy Brown, 27, Justin, 24, and daughter Anas, 12 with Exes Massa Heilton-Braym and Sarah Peman.

He and Porter ended their relationship in 1999 and fought in court over payment of child payments for a Christian. They reunited in 2003 after Coombs finished his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world … I'm really blessed that I have some amazing and amazing relationships that gave me these children to me by these smart, smart black women."

"My children's mothers are my best friends, my hat goes to them," he added.

The full details of Porter's death have not been released, but sources say she has recently contracted pneumonia.

November 16, 2018 / 06:57 | a story:

Rapper Nellie was injured with a new sexual claim.

Earlier this year, an unidentified woman entered a court under the pseudonym "Doe 2", blames Hot in her maker and forces her to enjoy him behind the scenes orally after a concert in Essex, England in December 2016. Jane Doe submitted 2 Her legal statement as part of Monique Green's previous civil lawsuit, which she initiated following a criminal case against Nelly, was dropped in December.

She discovered that she and her friends had paid a photograph with Nelly at his Essex exhibition, and Jane Duet said he had asked her and her entourage to stay behind to talk behind the scenes before they put her into a small, dark room nearby. The moment she and Nelly were alone, she claimed to have initiated the attack.

The woman went on to say that Nellie had masturbated before her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

"The defendant Nelly put his right hand on the back of her head and his left hand on her shoulder and forced her head to push the erect penis into her mouth," the lawsuit said Wednesday. "It was sexual assault, Yin Du was in total shock, and when he thought he had his position, Nelly retired her shoulder.Johnie jumped back, turned and fell back into the shower screen.

Nelly also claims Nelly threatened her by saying, "I'll find you," as she ran away.

She did not immediately report the incident, but since then she has spoken to police officers.

Jane Doe is looking for unspecified damages and is also following Nelly's girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, for defamation after calling the accuser "liar" on social media.

Nellie still did not comment on the lawsuit, according to the explosion.

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old settled his lawsuit with Green, who accused him of rape following an alleged incident on his Torbus in September.

November 16, 2018 / 06:56 | a story:

Jia Dian responded to the claims that her new husband, Tsing Tatum, appeared to be just like her.

Starfesters, sharing their 5-year-old daughter, Everly, announced that they had separated after nine years of marriage in April, and Jane has since moved on with the shameless actor Steve Cazi, while Chen Ning is reported to be dated with a tag singer The price.

When rumors of his new romance came to the headlines in October, social media users began to compare Google to Google and comment on how they looked alike, but the 37-year-old proved she had no bad feelings about responding to the fan on her instagram Remarks.

"First of all … every time I hear about the amazing similarities with C & D and Dewan Nia my only thoughts are not ummmmm (laughs emog & "Not even close," the user wrote below snaps Jenna posted earlier this week and her look at the gala.

"And I do not have a horse in the race but the GF (girlfriend) you're unclean, just trying to spread positive vibes, keep doing you … to an absolute outsider from a small town make it invisible (sic).

The former world of dance host responded in writing to the user, "positive vibes all the way" with blowing an emoji kiss.

Jena recently said that she is "very happy" with her new relationship, while the 21st Street Jump player still does not confirm that he is dating Jess. However, the British singer was identified to support him on the launch of London's Mike Mike Live Show this weekend and he attended her performance at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night.

He even shared a picture of the show in the social media and leaped in the headline, "This woman just poured her heart out on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall, everyone there had to see something special, wow.

November 16, 2018 / 06:54 | a story:

Cardi B has no plans to change its signature style and is now becoming a mother.

I love this famous rapper in her juicy clothes, but she has no plans to cover after childbirth Kulture, who is shares with her husband, Migos Star Offset, in July.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the launch of Nova Fashion X Cardi B collaboration on Wednesday night, Bodak Yellow hitmaker insisted that mothers did not change her style.

"Not at all," she told ET. "I do not feel like I have to change my style because I had a baby."

The rap star was elegantly dressed in a gray checked jacket and a matching mini skirt from the collection, along with a white shirt, before changing into red latex clothes to appear at the event.

"I feel like the only time I have to change my style is if I have my baby on me," she smiled. "Like, no, I do not want to wear a thong and go around my baby, but I do not feel I have to change." "No.

The 26-year-old admitted that she was nervous about the response to the collection, which includes a red leather crocodile coat, a motorcycle jacket with puffy sleeves and a long fur coat.

"I know it's a bit different and I know people did not expect what I was going to get off," Rapper explained. I hope it will be good, I'm going to see so many people, so many celebrities, so it's like chastity, duo, duo! "

Celebrities, among them Iggy Azalea and Hilo Kardashian, were released at the Bollywood 3 club in Los Angeles, and Cardi shared her support.

"When other women show love to each other, and they do not know how much it means to me," she said. "One day they may need a kidney and I can give you mine and I hardly drink, so mine can be good."

November 16, 2018 / 06:52 | a story:

Iggy Azalia claimed a rapper's claim / TV Bhad Bhabie tried to fight her at a party in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The pension rapper hit the red carpet at the Nova Fashion Cardi event, and during the party she shared a video showing her wet wet wig on one side, and she claimed that Badbi, the real name Daniel Brigoli, threw water at her.

Referring to Bargoli's beginning as a guest on the television program Dr. Phil in 2016, when he became famous for the phrase "Cash Me Out, How's Dout?" Iggy wrote in the video title, "So Dar Phil Girl is really mad at me probably and thought to fight a child? ! "

At the end of the night, when she drove home from the event, Iggy, 28, told her fans she would not go into battle with a 15-year-old girl.

"I understand that this girl was making a name for herself when she was playing dumb on Internet TV but I'm older," she said. "I'm not going to waste my energy on it either, or be fighting a boy at the club … You look silly, I'm not going to walk around the floor for 15 years, an old girl on the Internet.

"I have to laugh, I do not know, I just think people want something very bad, successfully with your career, you're young, you'll look back on it and you'll really feel dumb."

Bubby gave her version of the events, wrote about her in-game histories, which Eiji approached her as if they were friends, even though she had plunged her on the Internet.

The Australian star told her the detailed story about Twitter, writing: "I just stood there taking pictures that were not open, I did not feel safe, water lying on my wig, I turned around and saw all these people vibrating and shouting – I thought there was a fight in that section, F ** k about what is happening.

"I stood there and never moved an inch, it was a little" hold me back "fake fight TV reality vibes, and then she was escorted out … if something sis exposed fake on life that cause her every chance to hit me I did not know she was there, Instead she threw a drink behind the friends / security. "

Calvone's new theater examines the old question "What if?" In the new one-off play one night.

The show arrives at Studio 100 at the Rotary Arts Center on 22-24 and 28-30.

In one night explores what happens when two former lovers unite in a case for one night together.

They talk about what went wrong, and how life will look if they stay together.

This is the world premiere of artistic director Bonnie Graz.

Fans of the time or the sunrise before the series with Ethan Hawk and Julie Deply will love this new work on the simplicity between the complications of love.

In one night features Elena Bizovie, Graham Daley, Melanie Eccles, Scott Hilder, Kevin Morrison, Chuck Fern, Tammy Williams and Blake Wilkins.

Tickets are $ 20, and available via email at [email protected] Or at the door.

15 November 2018 / 06:45 | a story:

Chris Stapleton and Keith Urban were the major winners of the 2017 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night.

Urban picked up the coveted entertainer of the year award, while Stapleton was triumphed – the singer / singer of the hit Broken Halos scored the single single and the song of the year, and Chris was also named male lead singer of the year.

The pregnant partner host Carrie Underwood, who showed her baby belly throughout the ceremony, picked up the female vocalist of the year's honor, and old Dominion were a vocal group of the year.

Garth Brooks opened the show by dedicating the prizegiving to the massacre victims of the last Bar & Grill border in Thousand Oaks, California. During a moment of silence, the names of the 12 communist music fans who lost their lives were screened on a screen on stage.

Winners List:

Entertainer of the Year: Keith Urban

Single of the Year: Halos Broken by Chris Stapleton

Male vocalist of the year: Chris Stapleton

Female Writer of the Year: Carrie Underwood

Vocal Duo of the Year: The Osborne Brothers

New artist of the year: Lucas Combs

Voice Group of the Year: Old Dominion

Album of the Year: The Golden Clock – Kacey Musgraves

Song of the Year: Broken Halos by Chris Stapleton

Musical event of the year: Everything is going to be fine by David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney

Music Video of the Year: marry me by Thomas Rhett

Musician of the Year: Mac McNally

15 November 2018 / 06:43 | a story:

Backstreet Boys Star A.J. McLean is working to restore his sobriety after suffering from recurrence over the past year.

I want it this way that Hitmaker has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years, but cleaned up his act after completing his third trimester in 2011.

The 40-year-old admitted that he surrendered to his drink on several occasions in 2012, shortly after he became the first father, and he discovers that it was something he had been forced to fight in recent months, especially as he was responsible as her husband to invent artist Rochelle and father for their two children, Eva, six and Lyric, 20 months.

"You know, it's interesting about sobriety with family and children – you still have to put yourself first, and it was a really big fight for me," AG. People magazine number.

"Look, I have no shame to say, I have moved over the past year, it's no secret that this is a disease, and it's a daily struggle."

The singer admits that the pressure to keep his family happy has put more pressure on his struggle for the drink: "My children and my wife are huge support, and huge inspiration, yes, one hundred percent," he says. "But at the same time, the biggest problem I'm dealing with is putting myself first, and not my family, because in my mind that's what you have to do, you have to put the first family in. Kids, but because I'm still very dependent, People Pleaser – and I think a lot of it comes from being a player and wants to see the audience happy, see everyone around you, and love the attention – I want to make sure everyone is cool. "

"If you do it too often, then you forget to take care of yourself, and you tend to get lost in the sauce," admits McLean. "And it happened to me many times."

A.J. Relies on addiction support groups to help him pull him through rough patches, and is grateful to be fortunate enough to continue to enjoy the support of friends, family and fans as he prepares to hit the road for the first world tour of Backstreet Boys in 18 years.

The band's DNA and the World Tour kicks in May.

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