Thursday , October 21 2021

Kenya Airways launches daily flights to Somalia – Shinawia


Kenya Airways announced today it plans to launch direct flights to the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Thursday as part of the expansion to the Horn of Africa region.

Kenyan Airways chief executive Sebastian Mikos said the airline would fly seven times a week as it seeks to improve air links between African countries linking cities and helping people move, boosting social and economic ties between countries.

"The addition of this route to our network demonstrates our commitment to improving connectivity on the African continent, while creating new opportunities for investors, traders and tourists," said a statement in Nairobi.

It is said that the daily flight is designed to meet the growing demand of travel by Somali travelers, government and non-governmental organization officials and an increasing number of entrepreneurs from Kenya and around the region, who are eager to seek opportunities in the country.

According to Kenya's National Statistics Bureau, the fund is one of Kenya's largest export markets.

In 2017, exports to Somalia increased by 33.5 percent, which is equivalent to about 10.7 billion Kenyan shillings (about 107 million US dollars).

Mikosh said the flight from Bogg is scheduled to leave Nairobi at around 7:40 am and depart from Aden Ada International Airport, Mogadishu at 10:45 am, to arrive back in Nairobi at 13:00.

"We want to expand our network range and make it convenient for our guests to work and invest in Somalia," he said.

With the demand for travel to Somalia through Nairobi growing, the launch of this route is expected to facilitate travel between the two cities which are the business centers of both countries and spur commercial activity.

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