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OLF, ODP work together

OLF-ODP calls14 November 2018 – The two rival political organizations from the Orumia region of Ethiopia have agreed to work together, according to the FBC report, at a joint press conference, the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and the OLF Liberation Front announced that they had agreed to work together.

According to the report, an agreement was reached between the vice chairman of the board of directors of the company, and the chairman of Dawud Ibsa.

Lama Magra, head of the regional state of Urumia, said that "we will work together for the peace, development and economic growth of the country."

Moreover, he called on the public to support the government's efforts to ensure the rule of law and prosecute those people who caused damage to the state.

He called on the youth (Quiru), political parties and activists to preserve the profits that resulted from the ongoing reforms.

Da'ud, for his part, said his party had agreed to work jointly with the federal government and with the regional state of Urumia.

The OLF and its army will work jointly with the government by quiet operations, he said.

Recently, the government has warned the OLF to disarm or the government will disarm it. This was followed by several events in certain parts of the country, such as Benichangol-Gumuz, where OLF and its supporters were accused of deadly attacks that resulted in displacement of thousands.

In an interview with the Volta Information Center in October of this year, OLF chairman Daud Ives denied that the OLF had ever agreed to disarm.

This is in contrast to initial reports that as part of the peace plan, the OLF agreed to lay down arms and compete peacefully with other parties.

Nothing is yet known whether the OLF will disarm or the main Ethiopian state will be held together with armed OLF.

There were unhappy reports of late that the OLF was talking with TPLF (Tigrayan people for the liberation of the front). If such moves are indeed correct, it may indicate that the OLF intends to compete more aggressively against the ODP in the political landscape in Oromian than previously thought. This could also be the reason ODP is currently handling OLF with children's gloves despite various provocations.

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