Saturday , October 23 2021

Police in Ethiopia find a mass grave of 200 people


Police in Ethiopia say they discovered a mass grave with 200 bodies near the border between Somalia and Urumia areas of the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been uprooted during the past year by violence there.

Local media reported that the grave was found during an investigation of alleged atrocities committed by the former president of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Abdi Muhammad is awaiting trial for the allegations that led to ethnic clashes.

The infamous regional security force known as Liyu police was charged with carrying out a killing in the area between the Somali and Urumia regions and is reported directly to the regional president.

The police are trying to identify the 200 bodies found.

Mr. Mohamed was forced to resign in August and was arrested weeks later, after the outbreak of violence in the regional capital, Jijiga.

It is alleged that he was exploited for widespread rights violations, including torture, rape and killing during his rule for 13 years.

Last month, state broadcaster Pana reported that he had tried to escape police arrest by climbing through a window before a court appearance

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