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Roger Federer hopes to dominate London again as he pursues 100 title sports


I amIt is hard to judge what was the most surrealistic image on the eve of the ATP World Finals in London: Novak Djokovic, rolling through his cell phone messages on the Jubilee line or House speaker, John Barco, announces his death lovingly to Roger In the shadow of Betty Butroyd.

The second event took place at the official reception in the Westminster Speaker Room, where the finalists of eight bachelors and 16 pairs of contestants came underground from north of Greenwich, a new experience for most of them and unlikely to repeat themselves.

A very broad smile was the 33-year-old American John Isner, who had glanced at the last eight on the back of the injuries to others and he seemed excited.

If these talented millionaires need to remind the world that they are outside their bubble, sharing the peak hour of the sixth night with London – though in a chariot reserved, surrounded by the Palanque of The camp assistants – Apparently he is as simple as he gets.

Then enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty's Government in a remote environment as ordinary as possible, they return to their work Sunday, Federer lighting the evening program against Kay Nishikori.

Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss is not the king of London, but he has won two of his four World Cup finals here, recently in 2011, and one more victory is needed to reach a significant milestone: a hundred wins in the tournament. Bercow (who took the role when the first finals came to O2 In 2009) may faint with joy if it happens next Sunday.

Djokovic – who stopped Federer at the London Finals – remained a favorite, even though she looks physical when she loses the lead to the Russian Karov Anub. He seems to have a good week left-free of his duty to play at the December exhibition in Saudi Arabia against Rafael Nadal-and begins his sixth Friday campaign against Isner.

Eight finalists are taking the tube.

Eight finalists are taking the tube. Photo: Clive Brunskill / Getty

On the face, the field has been weakened by Nadal's withdrawal through injury, but this seventh time in 14 visits he also pulled out before the start or retired during the competition. He was seldom comfortable on the surface or on the spot.

"I'm pretty lucky to be here," said Isner, "but I had a good year.To do this at 33, my first ATP World Tourals final, is very satisfying.In the last nine years, 10 years I have always been between 10 and 19 in the world This year it 's more because I had three or four big results, it' s as many times as it takes, for me it all started in Miami, I was 0-6 before, and I turned it into one event.

One event can define a career. A year ago, it seems that this tournament will do it for Isner's country, Goku Suk, who made an impressive run on the semi-final on his debut – and then lost 21 of his next 30 games. His spectacular collapse reflects the strenuous demands of the tour, but perhaps his motivation also ends. If he knew he was riding the pipe, he might have tried a little more.

Session Afternoon

12:30 couples

Jie Marie / B Soares v R Classes / M Venus


Kevin Anderson – Dominique Thame

Evening Session

6:00 couples

Khabal / Farah of Katik / Aafia


Roger Federer vs. Kay Nishikuri

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