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The spice girls were not perfect feminists and that's fine – we're not either


The Spice Girls was established in 1994, of course their particular race of empowerment was wonky in places (Photo: Neil Munns / PA Wire)

Over the past year, when I told other women that I was writing a book about the spice girls and the girl (yes, that J Convenient timing), I had many similar conversations.

First, their eyes would become clear. Sometimes they screamed. They would tell me breathlessly how much they liked the group-how their pre-teen bedroom walls were plastered with posters, and their lunch spent the routine of dancing.

They will tell me how cheerful and confident the Spice Girls made them feel; How to Cry Childish Power & From their mother's car window, face the boys in the playground and take teachers to the teachers in the classroom.

Then he looks shyly. "Of course," they coughed, checking themselves. "they are not proper Feminists, right?

It's a subject we're still talking about hoarse now. Who is entitled to a feminist? Who gets to sue the label, and who cries out for even trying?

Today's hero, the pop heroes, from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, Ariana Granada and a little mix, still praise them regularly and are separated in order to try to promote empowering messages to their young fans.

Every time a woman sticks her neck in the public space, it feels like only a matter of time before she tells her to put it back in again. And while debates are often valid – we must continue to push, after all, to make things better and smarter than we can – they tend to ignore the simplest truth: whatever "normal" feminism may be, does not tell women that they are wrong.

Of course, a special breed of spice girls of spices was crazy places. No one really knows where pinching Prince Charles Ear was supposed to match the manifesto, or why the second verse of Spice Your Life was not vetoed in the recording studio.

The girl power was not varied or included by the 2018 standards, and thank God for the progress. But just like the T-shirts and feminists. And in the story of rebellious childhoods. Which we are still arguing about today, the broad and central appeal of Spice Girls was all about it.

24 years later and they do it all again (Photo: Dawbell / PA)

Because of the broad, mainstream appeal, it reaches beyond the special and educated elite. It goes further than the pages of the liberal papers, and beyond those who are going to be leftist and rightist anyway.

He teaches that people who are empowered and equal should not be marginal ideas for angry abominations, and that the status quo can be challenged without sacrificing happy commercial success.

The spice girls showed us that ordinary working-class people were allowed to leave, to laugh, and there is influence. It may not have been a radical idea for academics or activists, but for a generation of girls who grew up with a Barbie boy and dolls, five young women, insiders, who marched to world domination, did not feel revolutionary.

And when I look back now, as a 30-year-old woman, it still does.

I still love the style, one thing. In today's perfect landscape, obsessed, the aesthetic spice may look OTT – but God, it also looks fun. Wild, theatrical, not apologetic.

They taught us that girls have options; Because dressing differently from your friends was not only allowed, but encouraged. And that whatever you wear, be it your platforms or your PE kit, it does not reduce your right to opinion. "Just because you have a short skirt and a pair of breasts, you can still say you want to say, we're still very strong," her mother told the Entertainment Weekly in 1997.

With every passing year, I like to think that we have less of these explanatory meetings about energy, how yes, women can enjoy clothes and makeup and deconstruct patriarchy with a metaphorical wrench – but even two decades ago, it is far from over.

The idea of ​​feminism like burning bra and human hatred is still taking place, like the smell of stale tobacco many years after the introduction of the smoking ban.

Spice girls have never felt the need to cuddle their behavior, or practice a kind of easy security, warts-and-all that will still be called "brave" and "inspiring" today.

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They talked about politics, friendship, and jest, all with the same defiant energy. Their seminal Rolling stone A cover interview from 1997 opened with a mop in her napkin with a restaurant. "Everyone picks their nose," shrugs Gary.

And the songs? Look, no one claims Zig-a-zig-eh. There are layers of secret depth, there are good things there. Songs like & # 39; Wannabe & # 39; And who you think you've had collisions of assertiveness.

While the lion's share of mainstream pop music was (and still is) about love – silly, love and unique – their was more often about fun, ambition, putting your friendships first, and getting what you really, really want.

If it was not proper feminism, I answer these older fans as they look around and wait for someone to jump out and anchor them 10 points, so maybe it was at least a set of feminist training wheels, a good boost to get started.

We have come a long way since 1996, but even if this renewed tour is nothing but shameless nostalgia, it can still be an incentive to continue walking – and to help the next generation stand up for a loud and overly proud childhood.

It's nice to have a reminder that our heroes do not have to be perfect, nor do we. Sometimes it's so strong.

What were spice girls to do ?: How the power generation girl grew He is now.

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