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ANSES and DGS alert for poisoning


With favorable weather conditions, 250 toxic toxins have been reported by poison control centers in the past two weeks, including four severe cases. Many cases are also due to mixtures, errors that have contaminated the collection, but in Ile de France we see poisoning by mushrooms bought in the trade. Given this figure, the National Agency for Health Security (ANSES) and the General Directorate of Health (DGS) emit the alarm and call the collectors to vigilance.

Symptoms of drunkenness come twelve hours after eating

The implications for health are digestive disorders that can cause serious or liver damage which may require transplantation, to mention ANSES and DGS. Nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness or visual disturbances … occurring within twelve hours after the fungus intake, all potential symptoms of intoxication. Immediately call 15 or poison control center.

The "phalloid syndrome," characterized by signs of digestion occurring on average between 10 and 12 hours after the consumption of fungi, which can cause liver failure, is fatal in the absence of treatment. This syndrome can be caused by amanita (ampita phalloid, amanita virulence …), small lpicans or galleys

Mushrooms safely

The consequences for health can be very serious: serious digestive disorders, liver damage that may require transplantation … ANSES and DGS remember the advice to enjoy harvest peacefully:

• Just select the mushrooms that you know best: Some toxic and very toxic fungi are very similar to edible species;
• If there is any doubt about the status or identification of each of the mushrooms harvested, the crop should not be consumed until an expert has tested it. You can consult with pharmacists or associations and microorganisms in your area.
• Just select the samples in good condition and collect all fungus (foot and cap) to allow detection;
• Do not pick mushrooms near polluted sites (road sides, industrial zones, landfills);
• Separate the mushrooms harvested by species to prevent mixing of pieces of toxic mushrooms with edible mushrooms;
• Place the mushrooms separately, in a box or carton, but never in a plastic bag that accelerates decay;
• Wash hands thoroughly after harvesting;
• Store the mushrooms separately and in good condition in the refrigerator and consume them within two days after harvest;
• Consume mushrooms in reasonable quantities after cooking enough and not consume them raw;
• Never offer mushrooms to minors.

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