Monday , October 25 2021

Bioethanol: How to save with fuel made in France


The beets are packed along the roads of northern France and not all the sugar end in the table, they also allow (like cane, wheat or corn) to achieve, after fermentation and distillation, ethyl alcohol (or ethanol) that can be used for gasoline in most current cars, Their motor is easy.

Excess production

France is by far the leading producer of ethanol in Europe. It has been distilled for the past 12 months and 18 million hectoliters, 6 for traditional uses of alcohol (beverages, industry, etc.) and 12 are designed to be combined with gasoline for France or export, to 5 to 7.5% super SP95 and 98, 10% in SP95-E10, and 65 to 85% in ESE superethanol. But this latest fuel, which is now distributed at 1070 stations in France, enjoys a very beneficial solvent (TICPE reduced), which allows it to be sold on average 66 Euro cents per liter, compared to 1.46 per liter SP95-E10, 1.53 for SP95 and 1.57 for SP98.

Average profit of 600 euros per 10,000 km

It is true that ethanol is less dense energy than gasoline, so the use of E85 leads to overconsumption of about 15 to 25% depending on motor characteristics and driving style. Adopted, but the operation remains in all cases very economically advantageous with a liter of E85 more than 50% cheaper which allows an average profit of 600 euros per 10,000 kilometers.In an environmental perspective, the use of fuel mainly from agriculture reduces the CO2 emissions by 66% , While the tests carried out on the road by an independent laboratory showed a 90% reduction in particle emissions, a decrease of 30% nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared to the SP95 fuel car.

Original cars or dormitories

Yes, but now, safely ride in the E85, it takes a customized car, and the manufacturers, very many offer in early 2010 models developed in the first place to be able to work with indifference to pure fuel, E85 or any part of the mixture of the two, Demand. Until the new "Flexfuel" models are offered, which should happen in 2019 considering the increasingly favorable economic and fiscal context, it is the case manufacturers to fit gasoline vehicles for E85 use which should be best viewed in the current situation.

Many tax benefits

In particular, the companies Biomotors and FlexFuel energy developpement, which are the only ones to date have achieved the homologation of their compound, confirming that after installing these ensure respect for the norms of pollutants and emissions. The price of these cases ranges from 700 euros to 1500 euros, depending on the model of a car, an investment that can be reduced in less than a year for the greatest riders, especially since cars that are able to operate in E85 benefit from other tax benefits such as free ticket or half price registration accordingly The region, or, for companies, the possibility of returning 80% of the VAT on the E85. Moreover, the PACA and Grand Est areas are preparing to set up a € 250 grant for the installation of these boxes.Finally, while most manufacturers break the warranty on the vehicle after This type of change, case manufacturers have responded by providing their own warranty that can be up to 3 years for the motor or any component in contact with SuperEthanol E85.

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