Saturday , June 25 2022

"Bohemian Rhapsody" and Queen North America box champions


Los Angeles – Is It Real Life? The biophysics that told the story of celebrity singer Freddie Mercury and legendary band Kevin took the lead in the North American box office, according to final figures released Monday by the specialist industrial relations firm.

Director: Brian Singer ("Ordinary suspects",X-Men"), One of the biggest names in Hollywood"Bohemian rhapsody"The Egyptian-born American star, Rami Malak, as Freddie Mercury – Farouh Boulsara – died of AIDS in 1991 in London.

With $ 51 million in revenue in its first three days of operation, the film looks like a great show.

He also has two other innovations "The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms"Disney's fantastic film that raised $ 20.3 million,No one is stupid"An African-American romantic comedy, with $ 13.7 million.

"A Star Is Born"A remake of a 1937 film with Lady Gaga as a young singer who helped Bradley Cooper's big singer take fourth place with 11 million, and within five weeks he raised $ 165.5 million.

"Halloween"Following the classic horror film by John Carpenter, The Complete is ranked fifth with $ 10.8 million and a total of 150.2 within three weeks.

Here is a continuation of Top 10:

6-venom": $ 7.9 million (198.7 in five weeks of activity)

7-Yate & Company": 3.8 million (77.5 within six weeks)

8. "Chills 2: Halloween Spirits": 3.7 million (43.9 in four weeks)

9.Killer Hunter": 3.5 million (13 weeks)

10.Hate u let": 3.3 million (23.4 in five weeks)

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