Monday , September 26 2022

Corona virus – Loser department is experiencing alarming progress in the epidemic: 110.81% increase in the number of cases in one week is recorded


The Loser Department is experiencing alarming progress from the Cubid-19 epidemic. On October 9, 106 new infections were recorded per 100,000 residents and an increase of 110.81% in the number of cases in one week. A spectacular rise that places Loser as the metropolitan department of France where the morbidity rate is highest.

As of Monday, October 11, this outbreak of epidemic caused the province to once again make the mask compulsory for elementary school students over the age of 6. Matthew Fardell, director of the department of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) who interviewed France Blue also warned that the department had reached an “incidence rate “Twice as high as the alert threshold, which is starting to worry for our department.”

In the last two weeks, the health situation has deteriorated sharply. In the week between October 4 and 10, according to public health data in France, the highest incidence rates were found among children aged 0 to 9 and aged 10 to 19. At that time they were 358 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 151 per 100,000 inhabitants respectively.

Two clusters were also identified on Oct. 4 at a school and high school in the west of the department. The first in the city of Marvejols and the second in high school in Saint-Chelli-d’Affer.

“The children spread the virus in the family area and those close to them,” explains Matthew Fardell.

The 40-49 age category is particularly worrying, with 170 new cases per 100,000 residents registered between October 5 and 11, compared to 53 the previous week.

“There is cause for concern. We have an increase of more than 500% in incidence rates for people aged 45-65 who are not linked to the Marvejols and Saint-Chély-d’Apcher clusters,” the ARS director emphasizes. This increase is explained in part by the relaxation of barrier gestures.

In terms of vaccine coverage, Lozère is below the national average. According to Social Security, 71.9% of residents received a first dose on October 10, compared to 75.2% nationwide. 70.3% of losers have a full vaccination course, compared to 73.1% in France as a whole

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