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Dancing with the stars: replay. Heloise Martin and Christophe Lycata were canceled, renewing the minute bonus per minute


By Ingrid Bernard|Written for TF1|2018-11-17T18: 39: 41.010Z, Updated 2018-11-17T23: 03: 44.421Z

Iris Mittenaere, Terence Telle, Clement Remiens and Helios Martin all have the same goal after they judge a special bonus: to reach the semifinals.

11:41 pm Louise Martin and Christophe Lycata were eliminated, winning 41% of the vote against 59% of the vote for Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot. "Our friendship will last a long time, I love you very much, I wish you all the happiness of "I have no remorse, it was an amazing adventure, you became a dear friend, I discovered a dance, I will go on, I'm sorry Christophe," said Lois Martin with tears.

11:32 pm Two face-to-face couples are Héloïse Martin and Christophe Licata and Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot.

23:30. Two pairs suitable for the semifinals are: Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette Clément Rémiens and Denitsa Ikonomova.

11:10 PM .. Haloise Martin and Christophe Licata perform Broadway at the then Do not climb my orchard. Chris Marks: "It's not necessarily the best dance for you, I'm sorry, but it's not enough for me." Ann Mark G. Nero: "She gave it all, you have nothing to regret"

Jury's comments: Patrick Dupond: 7, Xiam: 8, Chris Marks: 6, M Anne Mark G. Nero: 8 or 29 points

23:00. Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot dance a quick step on you can not love HARYY. The jury members were astonished. Patrick Dupond: "There is almost everything, we want to see you shine." "It was hot," said Chris Marks. "It's one of the best moves we've seen this season."

Jury comments: Patrick Dupond: 9, Xiam: 10, Chris Marks: 9, M Anne Mark Jared: 9 or 37 points.

10:57 PM Clement Rummins and Dannitka Ekonomova perform waltz on my back. M-Mark J. Nero: "It was very easy, almost pure, you make a very strong team, you drove me." Shiyam: "It was clean, it was in control, but it was a bit too much of a school." Chris Marks: "Be careful about one thing, do not rest on your laurels, be a few clumsy." Patrick DuPond: "I find Clement, what I saw in a great battle"

Jury comments: Patrick Dupond: 10, Shyam: 8: Chris Marks: 8, Jean-Marc Jared: 9 or 35 points.

22:30. Iris Mitnair and Antoine Colette are dancing on Charleston and Lee Kokin. Shyam: "It was Peru, it was sync, it was beautiful." Patrick DuPond: "Hey hat is almost perfect, the perfect game, we have the evening, here's an artist, a whole woman." Chris Marks: "I was satisfied with your first dance, and suddenly you gave me a corner."

Jury comments: Patrick Dupond: 9, Shy m: 9, Chris Marques: 8, Anne Mark Généreux: 9 or 35 points.

10:10 PM Heloise Martin and Christophe Licata perform a tango with Chris Marques on Ta marinière. "Thank you, Chris, the Louise, you took one step, you see what the tonality of the body is," Shyam. M Anne Mark Nero: "It was very good, you want a semi-final and you can have it." "It's all right," Patrick DuPond said.

Jury's comments: Patrick DuPond: 8, Xiam: 9, Anne-Marc Jared: 8 or 25 points

09:58 pm Xiam, Terence Lamb and Fob Haut dance Rumba My Benz. Patrick Dupond: "It was a challenge of extreme partnership sensuality, precision … for me, this approach to the semifinals." Chris Marks: "I have to be honest, I'm amazed, the real difficulty was seeing you interacting with Shyam and Fob Haut, I really enjoyed watching this dance." M Anne Mark Nero "It was good, it was beautiful, it was hot, I hold you responsible for global warming."

Jury comments: Patrick Dupond: 10, Chris Marks: 8, Jean-Marc Jared: 8 or 26 points.

09:28 PM .. Anne-Marc Nero, Clement Rummins and Denise Ekonomova Performersur
Of Sauvé cult series by saving by Gong Bell.
A full energy show. Chris Marks: "I think it's great, Clemente did not let go, I see half-finals." Xiam: "It's the most beautiful I've ever seen in a season."

Commentators: Patrick Dupond: 10, Shyam: 9, Chris Marks: 9 or 28 points

09:19 PM Patrick Dupond, Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette dance in Contemporary Your legacy Benjamin Biolay. The trio had to re-adjust choreography following Patrick DuPond's injury in rehearsals. Patrick DuPond has tears in his eyes at the end of the show. Shiyam: "Greetings to all three, the guiding thread was simplicity, authenticity … do not overdo it, it was really good." Chris Marks: "What works for me is that I see some discomfort, we see a little imbalance, I'm not sure it's level to reach the semi-finals." "Much in the classroom, I appreciated your musicality and your investment in your character, we see a committed and determined woman, Iris Mitnar."

Jury's comments: Xiam: 8, Chris Marks: 6, M-Anne Mark Nero: 8 or 22 points

09:12 PM The opening dance was done on Bohemian Rhapsody

09:09 Let's go for the final 1/4 of Dancing with the stars. Tonight, every jury will dance with a couple.

They are only four candidates in the competition:
Two girls and two boys. Iris Mittner, Terence Aries, Clemente
Rémiens and Martin Héloïse will continue the adventure at the end of this new premium?
On this Saturday, more than ever, the stars are ready to give the best
To reach the semifinals. They can count on support
Indecipherable of their dancer. This big evening
Four duos still in the race will perform twice on the dance floor:
Once in a relationship, another time with the jury.
Iris Mittner and Anthony Colette would be honored
Contemporary dance with Patrick Dupond. Terence Tal and Fob Haut
Demonstrate their talent with Shy on Rumba. Clement Rummins and Danica
Iconomova will perform on Chris with Chris Marques. As for Heloise Martin
And Christophe Licata, are dancing tango with Anne Marc Généreux. all
Week, stars, dancers and judges worked hard to make the
The show.

While waiting for this great evening, relive the rehearsals of Terence Telle.

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