Monday , October 3 2022

David Hallyday: Inheritance, "moral right"


PARIS – The inheritance is a "moral right" for each of the children, estimates the eldest son of the Elysee David, David Asher, in a rare interview circulated on Sunday on TF1, also condemns not being able to say goodbye to his father, died of cancer at the end of 2017.

"A lot of people talk about money, but (but) inheritance, it's the proof that exists for a parent, it is especially that"Said the 52-year-old musician who was involved in the fight against the rocking widow Leticia, whose name will never be expressed during the interview.

"I'm just asking the moral rights of the four of us (the four children of the star, Ed), that's it, because it is shared by us"He says in a September television interview given to September Hoyt.

"That a person can have the right to manage his character, in any case he has the right to take a look at his image, and personally about what binds me to him, namely the music and nothing of the rest"Adds David Hallyday, who also wrote poems for his father ("Watch tower",Blood to blood"…).

He and Laura Samet, the first two, filed suits to challenge their father's will, which left all the property to Leticia and their two little daughters.

"For seven or eight months I heard everything"Says David Hallyday.Worst of all is the impression that one is twisting his image by saying that he is a man who hated half of his children … It's a joke! My father was a loving man who loved his four children … He was a great guy"He said.

David Hallyday regret not being able to say good-bye, held away when rocking swings his last hours.

The afternoon before death, "I waited for the day to enter his office where he was hospitalized and I could not do it"Says the medical staff that encourages fatigue.

"I think they had instructions"He adds, answering"Yes"When the reporter asks her if they emanate from Laeticia.

David writes to his father. "I left a letter to the service man … The next day I asked him if he could have given him the letter, he said to me + not sorry, I could not give him or read it. It ignited me and I think it's the only thing in my life that I will not be able to cure"He said.

"I could not part with him, that's reality, that's all,"He adds, warning of the doctor's death.

Today, after contact with her two half sisters, the girls of Gianni and Laeticia, "It's complicated"He says.But we'll have some. They know, I told them before I left my house"He said.

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