Tuesday , June 28 2022

Europe-Park and its cable car over the Rhine; we know a little more


The mack, owner of the second theme park in Europe, never lacks ideas. With the spectacular rampage of the French Quarter and the complete construction of the Rolandica Water Park – the largest investment since the park was built in 1975 – they have been working on new developments, five or ten years. These Francophiles, who appreciate Alsace, dream of a cable car crossing the Rhine to our region.

This link to the vehicle cable, which will leave the park, located 3 km as the Raven flies from the Rhine, then have to take off its "passengers" somewhere in Ried.It will take about 15 minutes to do the round trip (7 minutes in each direction). The resort will require parking, including the construction of a hotel and even a third park dedicated to sustainable development.

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In a video broadcast during the press conference, Emmanuel Makaron confirmed that the project "will create several thousand jobs in the region."

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