Saturday , April 17 2021

“How desperate! We had to call every child to reassure him and explain the work he can do in spite of everything”

Hello LC,

I take your question to give a broader answer on the issue of the lack of digital readiness and progress made during this year. Indeed, a false start to yesterday, and again today, according to your many testimonies, about the “digital work environments” used in factories on the one hand, and about CNED, which were victims of the reality of computer attacks yesterday.

We know that an investigation was opened this morning in Paris following the complaint filed by CNED.

For teachers, students and parents this is back: last year, the same problem arose at the beginning of incarceration. There is no question that national education can do better with digital. But the plague was also a huge accelerator.

France was far behind before the plague. Delay in equipping teachers and students, delay in teacher training and in general in the digital acculturation of schools in France. In international surveys, fewer French teachers reported having daily digital practice in the classroom (more likely they reported that they needed training in this area).

Before the epidemic, 50% of teachers used digital technology in a fairly basic way, 25% did not use it at all and 25% fully integrated it into their teaching practices. The lowest 25% had difficulties in distance education, which is a problem because it created lower quality pedagogical follow-up and great suffering on the part of teachers.

But the middle 50% passed. We have seen “old school” teachers engaged in video clips or online “chat”, getting into discord and WhatsApp … many of them have progressed very fast, and only one suddenly: their practices will change in the future.

I do not know whether to rejoice at the use of platforms used by students (sometimes even Snapshot!), Because it is very much because of the failure of national education tools. But this breath has a positive effect: we have integrated student methods into educational construction, which is a great innovation.

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