Saturday , October 1 2022

Huxin (Star Academy): Attempted violence in Exu, he risks prison


Finalist season 2 star academy, Houcine is now in court. A radical change in those who wore a broad smile on TF1, a few years ago.

In 2002, he took his first steps on television. In TF1, Houcine Winner of public hearts Star AcademyThanks to his sense of appearance and his good communicative mood. The popularity that will propel it to the end of TV hook, Turns Nolwenn Leroy. Years later, Chuckin finds herself in court in Nancy, as reported byEast Republican. The facts return to 2017, May 5. The singer then gets his 6 year old boy out of Nancy school. But a The victory Outbursts with the child's mother, from whom he separated for several years, and who has no custody of the child. The police intervene and finish Argument. But things do not stop there …

Suspicion of acts of violence

Worried, the young woman decides to go Houcine And his son in a clothing store in the city center. She warned between the clash between the singer and his new companion, took place under the boy's eyes. At the front of the store the situation arises and the mother of the child claims that she was beaten by her ex-spouse. It would have been erased fist Inside, what is the former star of Star Academy"I did not beat you!" He would shout in front of the court to the address of his former companion. CCTV They could not testify to facts that day. However, the complainant has a medical certificate on her behalf indicating a bruise on the temple and the helmet in her jaw. Quite persuasive to the assistant prosecutor, who claimed that three months suspended sentence had been suspended HoucineAs indicated byHe's a Republican. The verdict is expected on 7 December.

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