Tuesday , August 9 2022

Jean-Claude Trogno, brother of Brig, Jet Macaron, died


According to our colleagues from The Monterey Journal, Jean-Claude Trogno, Former boss of the family chocolate factory In Amiens died on Friday morning, at the age of 85 years. he was Brig's older brother Jet MacaronFirst lady. Like the presidential couple, he had habits in La Tocca, but still lived officially in Amins, and he remained a local figure.

He developed the brand Trogneux

We met him, a few years ago, at Delambra Street in downtown Amiens. It was a sort of staff. But affected by the disease, Jean-Claude Trogneux puts his hand to his son, Anne Alexander Trogneux.

In retreat, he takes advantage of his villa in La Tocca, but always keeps an eye on the business. If we should The growth and development of the brand at the end of the 20th century. "He was able to illuminate the city Amiens in France and beyond, thanks to its chocolate macaroni, Says Fanny Rowan, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Amiens-Picardy

"Axis of Trade Amiens – Brigitte Fouré, Mayor Amiens

A figure of associative life

Beyond the entrepreneur, there is the man "Always very smiling", According to Brigitte Fouré. Mayor Amiens loses one of his "closed". Jean-Claude Trogno was also there Very involved in the life of the local community. He founded the association Smile in the future To promote the Amiens. He was also a big fan of tennis. For twenty years he ran the Amiens AC, a club established by the Trogneux family. A passion for the yellow ball he shared with his brother-in-law, President Macaron.

The funeral of Jean-Claude Trogno will take place on Tuesday, November 13 at 14:30 at St. Martin's Church in Emmen.

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