Saturday , May 21 2022

Montpellier wants to eliminate hepatitis C in four years


The city of Montpellier has partnered with the Society's hepatitis SOS, but also with the doctors of the hepatitis network Languedoc Roussillon. Hepatitis C is a viral disease of the liver. It is transmitted by the blood and if the patient is not treated, he can develop serious diseases such as liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. The purpose of this alliance is that in 2022, the 1,700 carriers of Montpellier (and do not know) were cured of this disease (the pathology no longer exists in France in 2025, the deadline set by Health Minister Agnes Bozin). For this, it is necessary Track the largest number of people To bring them to therapy that will allow their healing.

It is better to follow patients

The challenge of 2022 is Find the 1,700 people carrying Hepatitis C does not know they are affected. "We understand today that we no longer need doctors to screen" Observes Pascal Melin, president of SOS hepatitis. For him "Ideally, people cured of hepatitis C will testify that healing is possible".

The association supports Set up spaces To promote screening. "We want to communicate in universities and societies" Says Pascal Malin. "The idea is to say" we offer you projection "and behind you know that can be a cure" He says. By working in closed space the goal of SOS hepatitis is to avoid "Dilution of information". Better target for better diagnosis.

More effective treatments

The next step after screening is to treat patients. Also there Things have to change. "We will turn the table" Says Professor George Philip Pew (Montpellier). The current schema is obsolete. "It's too long for the patient to go to the doctor, and then make an appointment to see an expert" He explains. "Today we go to the patient, and once the screening is done we can start the treatment" Explains the doctors.

Disease management has evolved. Instead of 3 months a few months ago, you do not have to More than a week between radiation is the beginning of treatment. Another positive point: healing time. Once a year, it is now three to four months thanks to better quality drugs.

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