Monday , April 12 2021

Nicola Hulot rubs yellow vests on Thursday night for "political exhaustion" on France 2 [extrait vidéo]

Three months after his sudden resignation from the government, Nicolas Holt emerges from his silence on Thursday night about the "political exhaustion" system, in the midst of a crisis of "yellow vests" sharing the precious carbon tax to the former green minister. On August 28, live on Inter France without warning neither the president nor the prime minister, informed the Minister of Ecological Transition departure, says "Alone to maneuver" On environmental issues in the government.

Since then, the former TV host, who said he was interested in not doing anything "To harm this government", Was very discreet, denying only in September preparing for the release of a book after a greeting and a tweet to the mobilization of citizens during a walk on the climate. This coming Monday, in French, the person who will repeat the preferred French personality according to surveys will speak for more than an hour, including an argument with the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, the boss of the Shelf and Froy rum de Basia and a farmer.

The plan presented by Leah Salameh – the one who received the announcement of the minister's resignation – also provides continuity with a surprising guest, even if this does not mean a permanent return of "A mysterious guest"Said editor-in-chief Alix Villaggio. "We wanted to open a slightly original invitation that looked less like political exhaustion in the first sense of the word, but it would be pleasant enough to listen and see"She added.

Two weeks before the opening of the 24th UN climate conference in Poland, the current issues related to Nicaragua's struggle are not lacking, the future of French nuclear power stations to the movement of "yellow vests" condemns the increase in fuel taxes.

"Voice that matters"

Nicola Sands has pleaded for years for greater ecological taxation to finance the ecological transition. The decision to increase the carbon tax "He also won a small victory at the beginning of the term of Emmanuel Macaron", Said Wednesday on France between his successor Francois de Rugi. "I have no doubt he will." François de Rugi hit the nail on Thursday morning on France 2. On the subject of ecological taxation: "I think his important voice can help." "He goes back to talking about ecology, ecological and solidarity transition, problems, solutions"MEP LREM Matthew Orphelin, one of his closest friends, welcomed the return to public debate."A voice that thinks about ecology".
"He does very well, he wants to be helpful, to promote the cause and there are thousands of ways to do it", He added, promising he was not going "Do not settle accounts."

According to Alix Bouilhaguet, a recent trip recorded with journalist Thomas Soto on the largest French glacier, Sea of ​​Chamonix ice, will be the event of "More intimate dialogue", Where he will return to his sleep as a minister. "There are exciting moments, the first council of ministers (…) At first, we had dinners (…) among the ministers of civil society, perhaps a little comfort us, sharing disturbed sleep"In the name of the first minister in May 2017, after giving up presidential candidacy a year earlier, Nicolas Holt had to swallow many decisions contrary to his beliefs, despite some symbolic victories such as abandonment The Notre-Dame-de-Landes Airport Project.
In particular, he had to approve the deferral of the goal of reducing the share of nuclear energy in electricity production to 50% by 2025.

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