Monday , April 12 2021

OL-ASSE: Doubtful celebration of Pacir still in all memories – Ligue 1

On the 14th day of the first lego, Lyon receives on Friday the opponent Saint-Etienne almost a year after the controversial celebration of Peking Geoffroy-Guichard.

This Friday, Lyon, 4 with 24 points, welcomes the historic enemy Saint-Etienne, 5 with 23 points derby bet. Both groups have not been used since 9e Day and defeats in the night of Saint-Etienne (3-1), and in Paris for OL (5-0). This derby will be so more interesting that the winner can steal the other's place and thus get closer to the stand. The desire to beat the opponent, adds a share in the ranking. A fact that was irrelevant last year. The Lions did not lose against their neighbors last season, and Stefanos experienced an opposing year while OL was still in the race for the stand that broke at the end of the season. This derby will also be the way to celebrate a kind of birthday. Almost a year ago, the Lions influenced the Greens on their grass (0-5), especially with the goal of Fakir, whose celebration was controversial.

The chaos of the Goyuche Red, almost a year later

It is November 5, 2017, at Geoffroy Guichard, and it is 85e Minute of the derby under high tension between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. The visitors led 4 – 0 when Nabil Pakir won the game. Serving in depth by Mariano Diaz, Captain Lyon turns to Ruffier and fits him completely. 5-0. "On the instinct," he says, Pakir removes his shirt and proudly displays it in front of the southern gallery of the Pri-Goych.

As a result of this goal, Atian supporters, who felt insulted, invaded the land and left room for a chaotic scene. It would require police intervention (CRS) in a few minutes. After half an hour of interruption, the game was able to resume in an almost empty stadium and an inappropriate atmosphere of a football stadium. This celebration has gained the French International Conference of the Disciplinary Committee of the LFP. He declared not to regret his action "but its consequences". He was calm at last.

If not sentenced, Nabil Pakir's farm will remain engraved in the history of the derby, and League 1. is engraved in the memory of supporters respectively for various reasons. But also in the memory of television viewers and readers who have managed, for weeks, to predict the discussions that this celebration bring up. "Irresponsible" and "provocative" for some, "football as we like" for others. The fact is that today, the picture is taken again. The first 8 seconds of the trailer for Canal + – the channel where the Derby will be broadcast – are dedicated to the celebration and its surroundings, proof that this picture will remain forever in the history of the derby.

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