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Radicalization: Kasztner signed on Tuesday an in-depth information organization for mayors

Radicalization: Kasztner signed on Tuesday an in-depth information organization for mayors

Interior Minister Christophe Kastaner signed a circular on Tuesday that allows mayors to announce the risks of Islamic extremism to their municipalities, a promise made by May Emmanuel Makron during a congress of cities in France.

This circular will be "addressed to all managers of France to organize the information of mayors, at all levels," he announced on BFMTV on Tuesday morning.

The mayor will be able to get information about the risk caused to his commune when he organizes an event.

He will also announce the monitoring of persons he has personally reported to the authorities. "It is also important for us to organize the dialogue with mayors, the mayor knows the family situations or can feel exaggerated that lead to extremism," Kasztner said.

"So far, the mayor was able to report, he had no back, I want systematically, when the mayor gives information, he can get accurate feedback on his information," he said, "absolute transparency."

For this purpose, "local interlocutors" will be set, according to the minister's announcement released in the evening, "in order to allow the city leaders to report in real time, a situation of apparent radicalization" and to ensure "systematic return" to these reports.

Finally, mayors will also be informed about the risks of radicalization of public officials when it comes to "sensitive positions." "As a day worker or educator.

"On sensitive positions, I ask the inspector that mayors can know to take preventive measures to move the agent and prevent him from being in a vulnerable position, at a risk," said Mr. Castaner.

Between the ruler, the mayor and the attorney general, a treaty will be signed "in order to ensure the confidentiality of the exchange and work of the police, the police and the intelligence services."

This announcement came as a national gesture paid to the victims of the attacks on November 13, 2015, in a procession that this morning linked the six most deadly jihadi attacks in France.

The decision was welcomed by Christian Astrosi, Mayor of Nice, where the attack of 14 July 2016 caused 86 deaths. "Information to mayors of the risks of radicalization on their municipalities now ensure better security for our citizens," said LR chosen by a statement. "Together we will be stronger and more efficient."

In addition, Mr. Kasztner recalled that the threat of terrorism remained "high" and that six attacks were thwarted this year.

In 2019, "48 who will be convicted in events related to terrorism (…) will leave at the end of the sentence," "We will provide ourselves with the means to follow them," he said.

"They are known individually and in relation to justice there will be a certain follow-up because in nature they present a risk according to what they did, what they lived, of the prison transition, which is also by nature of Criminogeni, which can sometimes aggravate the extremism," he said.

"We're doing special instruments instead, some of them are already out and they're the subject of this particular device," he said.

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