Sunday , June 20 2021

Sailing: Gabart a Joyon rearview mirror on the Route du Rhum

Who is the winner of the World Tour (40d 23h) or Francois Goubert (Massif), who has the record of the world solo round (42D 16h) or the veteran Franciscan Idec Sporte Edition of Road Rom?

The advantage is the young, young Skipper (35 years) in the category of the most powerful, ultimate boats. And is glued to his Basque, about 120 nautical miles (220 km), a sixty-two-year-old sailor who gives everything he has to an older boat than his main rival. " Villon) does not loose anything but it is normal. If I were in his place, I would do the same! Because as long as the finish line has not crossed, you have to be in full cash and try everything to the end, "said Gabart.


"I will do anything to stay in my place!" "It's true that my lead, with boats in 30 knots, is not much, the fact that Francis is here, she pushes me," he continued. For his part, Villon knows more than anyone else that his arrival on the island of Guadeloupe is complicated.

The arrival is usually very tactical and you can lose a few hours, I knew him well, and in 2014, with Jan Ellis, I managed to get through but in the second edition I was completely stuck, "he recalls. After reaching the north, the two navigators will have to overtake the island and prevent many traps from reaching the finish line. According to recent estimates, the winner can be crowned between 16h and 18h ​​local time, between 21h and 23h in metropolitan France. Even if Gebert, on his last-generation boat, keeps his lead over Villon, Sunday could be a big battle between these two big names at sea races.

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