Thursday , September 29 2022

"Scratching becomes the weight of the national team" – football


The first defeat of the French world champions once again raises the question of Olivier's case, which never ceases to frustrate the offensive animation of the blues.

"If it's me I said it …"Once not customary, Pierre Mennes delegated one of his favorite roles of disturbing Olivier Giroud, after the defeat of Deschamps Blues Friday, in Holland (2-0), where the new appointment of striker Leslie in his usual role as a fixation point forced Killian Aspiring to play a very unusual role as the left wing, who has the gift of the rising sun:Mbapped on one side of this team, is on the brink of the criminal"only that …

The Olivier case is handled by Sidney Gobo, unlike the "sniper" of the Canal + and probably because he himself preceded the striker Cesi in the blouse with 49 caps and 10 goals (2002 to 2010) , Places the shapes to indicate an increasing growth around the lower.

On the trail of "Tarzgol"

"He did great service and is one of the best French scorers, we must not forget …", Puts the former introduction Lyonnais, since Giroud, in the case of doubled against Uruguay on Tuesday at Stade de France (21 hours), can join David Trezeguet and 34 goals in his third rank in the history of the French national team.

"We are very happy with what he was able to do during the World Cup, maybe we won the World Cup thanks to him. More … That there are necessarily but … In evolution over two years, I think we should make sense today: as long as he played and he was effective, he scored goals – even if in the game, he was a little absent occasionally, he let others score – it was happening. Today, we feel that it is becoming a weight for the team, especially for some players there, it will be almost impossible … Besides the miracle of Chelsea, and if he starts playing any game (*) It would be difficult for him to be able to claim for a long time a place in the team of France. (…) It can still serve the staff of France, I'm not saying it should be removed, but I think we will have to find another solution. And the solution with Mbapp√© is all found"And it is hard to imagine that the situation in the GCAA Club will change significantly before the recovery of the Blues in March 2012. It remains the security of Deschamps that has not been denied …
(*) STATISTICS Season 2018-2019 – Chelsea: 12 games, 6 starts, 1 goal; France: 5 games, 5 starts, 1 goal.

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