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The turbulent history of the arrival of La Machine in Toulouse – 09/11/2018


Cénart Carr Sénart, with its fantastic kingdom, is one of the attractions of the opening of its Hall known as the weekend. / Photo

Cénart Carr Sénart, with its fantastic kingdom, is one of the attractions of the opening of its Hall known as the weekend. / Photo

Officially, the dispute was over. "It's time for joy," replied Anne-Luc Modan last Friday, on the edge of the show. His predecessor at Capitol, the initiator of the arrival of François Delrozier in Toulouse, Pierre Cohn, received it, admitted during the Metropolitan Council in October on the persecution of his project. Only social networks have moved articles of 2013 to the opposition of Anne Locke Moudenc with the arrival of La Machine. Still, the volley was fed …

On February 14, 2013, selected elected members of the municipal community leaned for the first time on the subject. Then head of the opposition, Anne Locke Modenz defends the financial package to 2.6 million euros, Minotaur. "The community pays, and in the end, the individual returns, and this is the most shameless testimony," he chokes. In the absence of Pierre Cohen on a trip to India with Francois Hollande, Claude Rinal replied: "La Maschene is" extraordinary communication for cities "and briefly mentions the 12 million euros paid to the Capitol Orchestra.

Ann Luke Modenz also wants Halley, his aesthetics and especially his location, that "écorne", he says in his blog in 2012, the memory of Aéropostale with its neighboring buildings. On this subject he writes to the governor, to the cultural affairs, to the architect of the French buildings. And about the Minotaur, he sends Pierre Cohen to appeal.

Elected in March 2014, he finally announced in December the continuation of the project which, associated with the memory of Aeropostale, has become the "trail of giants". It was also the vision of Pierre Cohn but lost time with long litigation, which ended in June 2013, with Air France on the ground of the land. "I've been to the method not the idea," the saint Luke Ann Modancz several times. In December 2017, after bitter negotiations with Francois Delrozier, Métropole indicated Halley's contract of operation.

In this stormy story, there was an episode in the shadows. At a meeting of elected officials in February 2013, Francois Delrozier was present behind the scenes. Ready to announce his arrival and to reveal the show written by his script. At the last moment, the press point is turned off. And the presentation is stored in boxes. "It was supposed to be a few months in the municipal elections. I did not want to run a legal risk in an event that could have been registered in the election accounts," says Pierre Cohen. But the former mayor admits that he also faced resistance in his camp, starting with close advisers. Among them, his former right-hand man, Francois Brinson recognizes that he is "skeptical". "We have to cherish the spirit of Pierre Cohen, and the mayor has to have the elegance to say it," Vicken said. This has been done since yesterday on the occasion of the Metropolis meeting.

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