Friday , March 5 2021

Vanessa Paradis reveals behind the scenes of her collaboration with Samuel Bennett

A few hours before the release of his new album, Zakai Sources, Vanessa Paradis, guest on the set of daily, Could not escape the questions about Samuel Bennett, her husband, who helped him greatly in realizing this opus.

Vanessa Paradis excels in all the genres. On films, as well as on stage, the multi-faceted artist achieves the success of constantly re-creating himself. Although she did not release an album for five years, for a moment she left music studios focused on her acting career, The translator of My idyll And finally he decided to return to his first love. On November 16 she will reveal Sources, A very personal album, written with the assistance of her husband, Shmuel Bentz. Very involved in realizing this opus that a woman of his life holds so much, the director wrote half of the twelve degrees. "She made me listen to the music she had while she asked me to think about texts, which I did " He confessed to the pages of Paris Match, Without being able to reveal too many details If I say too much, I'm dead! " He announced.

Both in life and at work, both partners get along very well. So, naturally, Vanessa Paradis cooperated with those who shared his life, as explained to Jan Barthes on the set of dailyNovember 15: he wrote These are simple words, He wrote lyrics and music, it's a song of his own, like a gift that I think … And it was so much more, it made me a lot of sense. It's a wonderful song and a beautiful statement. I asked him if I could record it (…) and then I had music that had no texts, or mediocre texts, and I asked him to write them (…), this is one person who has a lot of talent and a lot of different talents and may write poems Said Lily-Rose Depp's mother. In love on the first day, she met her husband on the shooting feature film DogTwo years ago, no doubt, lived his most beautiful novel.

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