Thursday , October 28 2021

When family movies become historical parts (funny)


Excerpt from a chapter of "La Sequence du Filmeur", aired on France 3 Hauts-de-France. – Real Productions

Immerse yourself in the collective memory of a bath of happiness. France 3 broadcast Hauts-de-France, from Sunday (at 19:25) on television and continues Friday on its website, two minutes with a certain nostalgia and sense of humor. B 20 minutesWe loved it.

These short stories are edited and edited from amateur film archives shot between the 1930s and 1970s. An original idea that offers 40 episodes of a series called Sequence of movies. The old people will see a nod Sequence viewer,
A TV show in the cinema until the 1970s.

"We have a fun re-discovering era"

"We give the creator the imaginary imagination that deals with contemporary reality, the place of women, environment or religion, for example," explains Olivier Sarrazin, one of the two directors, who also owe us the series Co!

"The difficulty was finding the right tone, how and how the author thinks," said Corinne Zongo-Wable, co-director of the series, adding: "There are more or less topics in line with topics," Archipop says.

Francois Morel accompanies his voice to 40 episodes of
Francois Morel accompanies his voice to 40 episodes of "La Sequence du Filmeur", which are broadcast in France 3 The Au-de-France. – Real Productions

But the result is compelling. The editorial leads to brilliant microfictions and scripted by the voice of Francois Morel. No need to describe its contents, each small film carries its own emotion, often guided by sharp, sometimes creaky humor, which gives incredible relief to the images.

Religious procession or carnival of Dunkirk?

And so, in one episode, the beach shacks are so pleasant in the north that they become "the wooden boards waiting for us one day," and a religious procession in Krua, near Lil, almost gets closer to Dunkirk's carnival.

Section from the chapter of
An excerpt from a chapter of "Sequence of the Film", aired on France 3 Hauts-de-France. – Real Productions

Nostalgia for the last Sunday of freedom in 1939, the humor of a story that accompanies the codes of false news, or eroticism of a body that bathes in the episode of Fillmore with love… We tell you everything: these two minutes pass too fast.

For now, in this first series there is only decoration Hauts-de-France. There is no doubt that success will be there and that the idea will look at other chapters, perhaps in other regions, next year.

* Programming for 40 days online (one chapter per day) and up to August 18th (due to weekly broadcast) on the small screen.

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