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Why Gravity France is playing a disaster


Politics – Will successful France succeed in capturing the 130 votes that failed? The first round of partial legislator in the old fort of Manuel Wells, in Essonne, takes place on Sunday, November 18, in the shadow of the former prime minister and a party to compete for the mayor of Barcelona. His right hand, Mayor of Avery Francis Wat, supported by the majority, served as a favorite against Insoumise Farida Amrani, beaten very little in June 2017.

Therefore, in the spirit of vengeance that she would play in these crucial elections for the Party of Anne Locke of Lancashire. Proof of its importance: the personal investment of the rebel French commentators – including the deputies Raffin, Obono and Quatans – most of whom beat the pavement of a disaster to obtain a new candidate for the National Assembly. "It's an 18th MP, do not believe it's just a figure of speech: we need it," Rogue's boss said at a rally supported by Corbeil-Essonnes Thursday, November 15.

But beyond the race to the delegates, the vote has many challenges for the French subordinates, in a particularly tense political context, marked especially by the roar of yellow jerseys, the growing popularity of Emmanuel Macaron, the Anne Lok of Lenz in opinion polls.

First test after searches

The failed French leader also wants to make these elections a test for himself and his health and movement after the amazing chapter of exploration and opening two legal investigations. For De Boer's deputy, Sde-de-Rhone, Frieda Amrani's election will be a "national political event" that will be held "for those who thought it was enough to overwhelm me, seek me, humiliate me." Of "legal harassment."

This choice would indeed be a way of measuring the evolution of the uncompromising vote, a year and a half after the elections were largely influenced by the McCron and Degazism effects. But if ever the collapse of popularity rating of Anne-Melancholy (which will be found by all surveyors) will manifest itself in the polls and result in the defeat of Amrani's farewell, the snob will be severe for LFI, often promised opposition.

A negative result means that the director of Lucent from Lench failed to recover the 139 votes that prevented him from winning against Manuel Wells in 2017. This, despite the bad transition that crosses Emanuel McCron, whose popularity is at its peak. Especially since the weekend marked by the recruitment of the size of the "yellow vests" exceeded by the "unfair" policy of the majority and anger is crystallized on the rise in gas prices.

It is also one of the challenges of the election: finally, to take advantage of the popularity of executive before the European municipal elections. Despite the growing difficulties of the government, it appears that the opposition party is not succeeding, except for the National Rally (formerly the FN), which erodes some points in the voting intentions. On the other hand, despite the shock of the non-innocent delegates in the assembly (or elsewhere) and the right of the "first opponents of the Macaron," Luke Locke and his forces are not advancing in the light of Europe.

Perfume of revenge

Moreover, the elections will be more followed than the previous occurred in a very tense climate. Manuel Wells, who resigned in early October and announced his candidacy for mayor of Barcelona, ​​was accused of deceiving his opponent (the complaint was finally rejected) after a very tense vote. The former prime minister claimed victory in a turbulent atmosphere under the cries of "fraudster, swindler" insomis activists. He condemned the "hate campaign".

If both sides say they do not want to be successful again in 2017, the climate remains heavy and takes unexpected revenge for a cheater. Especially when there is an alliance of circumstances facing Farida Amrani – established by Francis Chouat, Mayor of Evry supported by LREM and five other mayors of the county – whose priority is the LFI block. "We all remember the violent images" of the night of the results, said Watt's entourage, "that it has a democratic front against the populist candidacy of Paride Amrani."

For his part, Anne Locke of Lancashire has not kept his blows since the resignation of the former prime minister. "Since Wallace left, he has his model," he repeated his stop at Courbeville-Sons on Thursday evening.

The former presidential candidate, who for a long time shouted in a fake election in June 2017, promised his soldiers the greatest alertness. "There will be, in contrast to our unspeakable naivety, the last time, appraisers and representatives in all the ministries," he calls and calls on "whoever organized the fraud" in his eyes and "whoever leaves her" to strip them without saying anything to show "meticulousness, transparency and integrity. "

However, it is not certain that an anti-fraud device will prevent further cruelty of occupied France, while Frida Amrani, after hoping for some time on the left, will also find herself facing ecological ecologist Eva Sass for the European Ecological Ecology Party and the feminist Michel Noëlle for the PCF and the generation.

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