Wednesday , September 28 2022

Alpine Skiing: Slalom accompanied by: The Herring Leads Kristofersen – Trimel is surprised


In the Slalom World Cup in Levi, Finland, everything is going to be a battle between Marcel Hirsch (Austria) and Henryk Kristoffersen (Norway).

In the absence of last year's winner Felix Neureuther, the World Slalom in Levi, Finland is expected to see a duel between Marcel Hirsch (Austria) and Henrik Kristoffersen (Norway). Hirscher is only 0.07 seconds ahead of his opponent after the first run. Third is Frenchman Clement Noel (0.38 seconds back).

The best German in the middle table was Fritz Dupper (Garmisch) of the rank of 14, Anton Tremel (Rotsch-Agran) made a big surprise: the 23-year-old raised the starting point from 74 to 17 and Sebastian Holtzman (Oberstdorf) Approximately 27.

(Bolsterlang / 37) In his comeback after a rupture of the cross ligament, David Kütter (Schöningen / 43), Linus Strasser (Munich) 44 and Dominique Stehle (Obermaiselstein / Canceled) missed the second round.

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