Friday , February 26 2021

AMD Epyc 7371: High frequency processor with 32 threads for special cases

AMD introduced a special Epic server processor that provides up to 900 MHz clock more than similar models in the range, which also provide 16 cores and 32 threads. This should help Epyc 7371 in different possible scenarios.

AMD mentions possible areas of application among others Automation of electronic design, high frequency trading and HPC, Compared to the Epic 7351, the new model of Epyc 7371 is clearly growing: instead of the basic clock of 2.4 GHz, is now 3.1 GHz, the power for all 16 cores is 3.6 GHz,
Applications with maximum load on half cores can be processed at 3.8 GHz. Here, the EPIC 7351 offers only 2.9 GHz – a plus clock of 900 MHz.

Remains a large unknown: L3 cache population, as well as the TDP. This is the previous model with a maximum of 170 watts, for the new AMD not yet transferred, but the maximum working in the Opyc processors with 180 watts. For comparison: Threadripper with 16 cores works in the first generation with a maximum of 4 GHz at 180 Watts TDP, but with only four memory channels instead of 8 in the epyc. Hence, it should remain synonymous with the new Epyc processor in the area.

In the first quarter of 2019, the processor should be available at an undefined price, probably just a week before the launch of Rome as successor. However, the first round of heirs should cover the standard scenarios, even before the models for special activity areas follow.

Not the first special processor

In the summer of 2018, AMD has been introduced to the Epic 7261, the first special processor. The uniqueness of the eight-core processor is that it can draw about 64 MB full of L3 cache, which are actually designed for 32 CPU cores. The processor is available for about 700 euros. For almost the same price from 730 € there has been a 16-Kerner in the form of the EPIC 7281, which offers less clock only 32 MB L3 cache. Depending on the application area, AMD has staked its portfolio here.

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