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ATP – Final: Zverev the first German since Boris Becker in Masters-Endgame



Victory against Federer Zorb is the first German since Becker at the end of Masters

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Shakehands: Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer - Hamburger came to the finals with victory Shakehands: Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer - Hamburger came to the finals with victory

Shakehands: Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer – Hamburger came to the finals with victory

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The 21-year-old from Hamburg defeats the legend Roger Federer in two teams in the semifinals of the unofficial World Championship of tennis players. Zorb is ending such a long negative series – and he is still looting.

eHe raised his fist to heaven, threw a towel to the audience with joy, and later listened to his great idol, Roger Federer, whom he dropped in two groups in this tennis game. Alexander Zverb Hamburg can win after his victory against the beloved Swiss crowd in the last game of his year and his greatest title so far.

The 21-year-old beat Federer 7: 5, 7: 6 (7: 5) at the ATP finals of the top eight of the season, becoming the first German tennis player since Boris Becker, who succeeded in 1996.

With a success on Sunday (19.00 CET / Sky) against the Serbs Novak Djokovic or Kevin Anderson from South Africa, Zaver can register after Becker (1988, 1992, 1995) and Michael Stitch (1993) as the third German in the list of winners. But even the victory over his former idol, 37-year-old Federer, in a high-level match over time was another milestone in Zorob's young career.

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However, in the winning interview, the spectators survived the 1.98 meter man for a short time, an unfortunate situation in the breast fracture, when a ball boy disturbed the game, they rose against Zorob. "I did not want it to end this way," said the German later, falling down and having to swallow: "I do not know what to say, I'm just a little lost."

Alexander Zverev pulls his shot with both hands

Alexander Zverev pulls his shot with both hands

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Before more than 17,000 spectators in London, the fifth ranked world continued its relentless performance from the decisive group game on Friday, in which he made the semi-final against John Isner (USA) perfect. His own for two months accompanied, almost nothing was to feel especially at the important moments of the young man played very concentrated.

"Tournaments need DJ"

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Alexander Zverev wants tennis tournaments have more to offer than just the sporting event. As an example, one should take the major American tournaments.

The sixth game between Zorb and Federer was balanced up to 6: 5 in the first round, but when the winner six times in Switzerland shook himself to serve for the first time, Zvrb was in place. After a nearly perfect replay he made his first ball. The third victory over the Grand Slam 20 times champion after the successes in Gary Weber opened 2016 and Montreal 2017 was not far.

Roger Federer

Lost: Roger Federer did not start rolling against the Zorb in London as usual

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But Federer, who won London last 2011, struggled and took the serve from Zverev in the second set. The crowd was celebrating their favorite fans and disappointed when Federer gave the break. From then on, Zverev was no longer naked in his post, even if he was not really an exception to the victory over Isner. The tension reached its peak in the margins of the second act. Zorav kept his courage in the final stormy phase and won 1:34 hours.

Federer is waiting for the 100th tournament win

While Federer will have to wait at least until next year for his 100th title on the ATP tour, Zumbar can hope to finish a glamorous season. Against Djokovic he lost significantly in the preliminary round, in contrast to his debut in the tournament in 2017 from defeat in the second round game but not out of step. At the same time, Zvreb lost Federer and retired. The final shows his development in the last 12 months, which he can crown on Sunday with his greatest success so far.

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