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Bundesliga: Hanover with the derby victory for the time being from the crisis



National League Hanover with the derby victory for now from the crisis

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Rum Rossilon from VfL Wolfsburg and Bobby Wood from Hannover 96 in Duel Rum Rossilon from VfL Wolfsburg and Bobby Wood from Hannover 96 in Duel

Rum Rossilon from VfL Wolfsburg and Bobby Wood from Hannover 96 in Duel

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A week and a half before Wolfsburg won the same place in the DFB Cup, this time they cheered Hannover. With 2-1 scoring the 96th release Breitenreiter coach may breathe easily. Young Maine and Bo meet.

e19-year-old Linton Mina fell, then the powerful Illas Bebou from penalty point: Hannover 96 celebrated in the Bundesliga an important Derby victory and the temporary end of his sporting crisis. The two most prominent players of the evening met on Friday for 2-1 (1-0) – receiving the table 16. Against Wolfsburg VfL. Given initially the weakest of the season and the constant skirmish between club boss Martin type and internal opposition club, it was an important victory for Hanover, at least half way to calm the club mood before the international break.

After only one victory in the last nine games of the Bundesliga, but now also slowly getting the VfL Wolfsburg in distress. The Volkswagen club, which has just reached the goal by Wout Westorst by a penalty kick (82), is only three points ahead of the opponent of Lower Saxony.

"I just stopped and hit the ball well, we played a really good game, we were within reach from the start," Mina said after his debut, and Boo added: "It was important for us to get the three points. On the other hand, Maximilian Arnold, of Wolfsburg University, was disappointed: "We made too many individual mistakes, we invited Hanover to score and not take our chances."

Mina finally hit a barrage

Committed, the Hanoverians went to work despite their injury problems. Coach Andre Breitnerreiter had to get along without the broadcaster Nickles Polkrug (knee), midfielder Fermin Schugler (ankle) and defender Felipe (hamstring) – but with great fighting spirit the hosts invented the technical superiority of VfL.

The only drawback was accidental exploitation. Only Illas Bebou had two huge opportunities in the first 45 minutes when he failed to freestanding to Wolfsburg keeper Ken Casteels (24 and 35). But Bebou was also the one who prepared the opening goal of 31 minutes with a fine cross.

Mina, 19, finally met with a barrage and marked his first goal in the seventh Bundesliga game. Born in Berlin, he came from Hanover youth to professionals and is one of the talents of hope.

And Bebou finally retained the courage in the second pass from the penalty point after Marvin Bakalorz was shaken by William (63.). It was the third goal of the season for former player Düsseldorf.

This lower dragon sex was an entertaining game, but was also due to Wolfsborn. Bruno Livadia's team coach was also a strong lead in the first half, and they were already leading after Janus Malley's goal (18). However, after the intervention of referee Judge Marco Fritz correctly canceled the goal, that before was a handball by Yannick Gerhardt.

Alone, disappointed

Mali was in the team compared to 2-0 in the DFB Cup ten days ago in Hanover for the injured on the Veal Admiral Mehmedi Veal and belonged to the assets. Two other surfers, Daniel Gintzk, are dangerous twice before the gate appears (15 and 20). All the more angry fiction was that the VLL midway through the first half put so on the defensive.

In the second half, Wolfsburg brought two new players, the young Jonah and Yosip Berkalo. And suddenly, the team of fiction was again on the trigger – with huge opportunities: first Marcel Tisserand (51), then Room Roussillon (54) and finally twice twice Brekalo (54 and 56) granted the best opportunities.

It was soon to take revenge when I met punishment. After goal linking by penalty, however, it was not enough to win a point despite the huge chance of Brekalo (90 + 1).

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