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Climb the throne and manage football teams


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Feel like riding? Monster Hunter stories capture and thousands scary creatures. Dragons also play a big role in playing chairs. Every time you play the authorities: a game of chairs, you can become King of Westero.

"Monster Hunter Stories"

App for 22 €? It is not common. But the price is explained by the fact that Capcom's "Monster Hunter Stories" is actually a role playing game for the Nintendo 3DS. The porting on iOS and Android has been successful, "Monster Hunter Stories" convinced with huge volume with good playability capability. In the game, a powerful monster destroys the house of some friends. The friends scatter in the wind and seek their luck in a wild world full of monsters.

As with other games in the series "Monster Hunter", the world with its great thousands of monsters is a highlight. Players are fighting countless battles, killing hundreds of monsters – or catching them and making them friends. The sheer number of different beings alone ensures hours of entertainment. The game is very expensive for the iOS or Android app with 21.99 euros, but it is free of extra in-app purchases.

"Dominator: A Game of Chairs"

With "Rain: Playing of Chairs" grows together what belongs together. The series of cults surrounding intrigues and wars between different queens is remarkably suited to the Rains, because even here, power is easy. The players slip into one of the game of the throne. Subsequently, other characters come and ask questions and questions. There are two possible answers to this that affect the progress of the game. Maybe it will bring new characters to play, maybe an expensive trip – or maybe the players will gradually dig their grave.

Always in the picture are symbols of four fractions. If one of these symbols is completely filled, the faction becomes too strong and takes the crown itself. If the symbol is empty, the faction is dissatisfied and rebellious. So to stay on the throne for a long time, you need to pay attention to the right balance. Each round is also different and it takes several tries to reveal each character of the game. For 4.19 euros, iOS and Android players can try themselves as Westero's boss.

"Sega manages a pocket club"

"Sega Pocket Club Manager" is a comic-style soccer manager from SEGA, who has a full scale despite his cute graphics. Here, the player manages a fantasy club and has become an average team of stars. The big weakness of the game is definitely the lack of a FIFA license.The real stars and clubs are in vain.The blow makes a "Sega Pocket Club Manager" especially one way again: spectacular games.What is skipped with other soccer managers is the highlight here. Their great dwarf series is many anime, especially when their special abilities are turned on.realistic it is not, but nice to look at.This free game is worth looking for any soccer fan.It is loose for iOS and Android.

"Badland Brawl"

"Badland Brawl" by Frogmind Games is a fun combination of different genres. Tower Defense, an angry card game for birds to blend into an amusing experience that is unlikely to be unique on iOS and Android. Two towers stand opposite each other. The goal is to bring each other to collapse. To do this, the players draw cards that allow them to attack. In most cases, these creatures are small monsters who march towards the goal level among the towers, attacking everything that happens on their way.

The trick was borrowed by the developers at Angry Birds. The fighting units not only march on it but are thrown into battle with a catapult. This allows for another tactical component. Flat units turn directly to the enemy on the way. Other attackers can also be thrown directly at the defenders on the opposing tower. The game is available for free.


People in search of a challenge have found a difficult role-playing game with the series "Dark Souls". Direlight Games has been heavily inspired by "Dark Souls" in "Grimvalor". They convey the feeling of the sad fantasy game on iOS. To do this, they rely on the 2D platformer in the style of "Castlevania".

"Grimvalor" is heavy, but can be controlled well using a touch screen. Many monsters wait to face their creator if the player does not do so before them. The death of many must be dying with the progress of the game, but instead of frustration, there is a growing desire to continue. Experts from the series "Dark Souls" will recognize many elements here and can expect the challenge on the road. In Appstore "Grimvalor" costs 7.99 euros.

"Layton: The Mysterious Village"

He is perhaps the greatest detective in the history of video games: Professor Layton coined the Nintendo DS with his adventures. His first case is now getting an HD remake for Android and iOS. "Layton: The Mysterious Village" by Level 5 takes Professor and his assistant Luke to the village of St. Mister. Where a late Baron left a rich heritage. This condition: find the golden apple, which is hidden somewhere in the village.

Layton goes searching for clues and quickly discovers that the locals are great puzzle lovers. They only pull out information if Layton solves their tasks before. These math tasks include logical puzzles, puzzles, but also trick questions. Among more than 100 missions comes an entertaining story, which is liberated with charming animated sequences. Anyone who loves puzzles and does not know Layton should definitely give him a chance. 10.99 € seems a lot for an application, but definitely worth it.

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