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Did he do too much? So wild and crazy was the life of Jens Büchner


Jens Büchner died. Star "Goodbye Deutschland" died on Saturday at the age of 49 years. In recent years, dHe was always on television, looking for the limelight. Maybe too loud.

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"The health of jeans is critical." Doctors try their human potential. We are close to your family, to your side, "wrote Daniela Büchner on Instagram on Tuesday.

The opening of his coffee shop and his weekly performances in Bellerman and on TV have emptied Hans Buchner. Ups and downs were not uncommon for the eight-year-old father. But this time it's different. The immigrant is dead.

The miracle already had dozens of jobs

By "Goodbye Germany" Jens Büchner became famous in 2011 – as a talkative Saxon who emigrated to Majorca and tried in all sorts of professional fields. Since then, it has never been quiet around Finanzwirt studied. There was nothing Bochner did.

Shortly after emigration, he opened a boutique in Cala Millor with his then life partner Jennifer Matthias. After the separation from his son's mother in 2013, Malin went then under a jewelry designer, he sold stoves, a model for swimwear, worked as a kitchen assistant and 2014 even started a "career" as a pop singer.

"Brock But Sexy"

Many like his songs – for example, "broken, but sexy" or "get lost, you do not alcohol" – can not be recognized directly. But at Majorx Blerman, he was always invited to the show. Zonkauer, a native of Israel, spent several times a week on stage – and incidentally threw his wife Danielle, with whom he has been married since June 2017, a cafe, "The Pantry".

"Navi approached this thing"

But the work in the restaurant emptied the couple. "In terms of health, it almost pushed us to destroy," said Jens in the episode "Goodbye Deutschland" of Monday, filmed a month and a half ago. Danny added, "I do not like anymore, I do not feel well anymore."

The couple did not work, they had to do it all alone. They "got very close to it," they saw. A sign on the door of "Panatria" finally told potential guests that it remained closed for now. A month before the end of the season.

The patchwork family of Büchners

Whoever thinks now, that's enough work already – it said: It was not. In addition to the whole business, Grace and Danielle also have a large family that wants to take care of her and take care of her. Together, the couple has twins Diego Armani and Jorge Soraya, who are celebrating their second birthday this year. Especially from these two jeans constantly publishing images on social media.

In addition, his two eldest daughters, Jessica and Jessica. They come from Jens' first marriage, live in Germany. The former has a one-year-old girl and caused her father's father. With the former G & His son is Leon. He also lives in Majorca, but with his mother.

In addition, Danny brought three children to marriage: Joelina, Jada and Volkan. The three older boys often take care of the twins while their parents work. Recently, Joelina, 18, started a six-month au pair in Ireland. Measures: less support and more work for the Büchner couple.


But that was not it. In fact, Jens Bachner's diary is already proud. But Miracle has always been asked more questions. In 2017 he remained in the jungle camp, performances on the red carpet had arrived before, this year he also moved with his wife Danielle at the summer house of summer. It all sounds fun, but it takes a lot of effort and work. After the time at the summer house, the audience at Pantria became even bigger. Again and again the two talked about too much tension and overwork.

This year, jeans also lost a lot of weight – no diet or exercise. "I lost 15 pounds, I did not do any sports, it was stress related, we opened our shop and the months before were very stressful, so everything was done on time." I was shocked at how much weight I had lost. He said "kukksi".

Daniela also referred to the online portal this summer: "The pressure is sometimes overflowing, sometimes it's a state of emergency in our marriage or in the store, we're just human beings and sometimes we lose our nerves."

But even with visitors had to fight Büchner. Over and over the family has come to hate comments online. Recently, but also because the coffee closes sooner than expected. Many fans blame his hates for health problems. Even Iris Klein, Daniela Katzenberger's mother, thinks. "Is that what you wanted to achieve with your disgusting remarks, that he takes her to the heart until he dies?" She turned Thursday through Facebook to his critics.

"Doctors are trying their best to help people"

Earlier this week Jens was hospitalized again. A month earlier, a 49-year-old had been admitted once, then because of a stomach ulcer. This time, however, his condition was critical, his wife said Tuesday. No one knew how serious the immigrant was. "The doctors are trying their best to help people," says Danny.

Four days later, Jens died, it was announced by his management, to quote his family on Saturday night in a brief statement on Facebook. "After a brief but difficult struggle, he fell asleep calmly," he says.

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