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Fans disagree: Is Pietro and Clay-Lacey suitable for each other?


This rumor kept their fans in suspense: for a few days there was speculation about a romantic relationship between Clea-Lacey and 27-year-old Pietro Lombardi. The fact that the headlines are nothing but baseless speculation Pietro Now again he made it clear: the former single candidate is not his girlfriend! For many of their fans not good news – many followers would love the two as a couple!

In the survey, 47.8 percent (as of 7:11, 4:20 PM) gave the Flash Celebrities-Ser is persuasive in clinical practice Pietro See a pair of absolute dreams. 52.2% – a clear majority is out of the question here – but they would not mind much about the idea of ​​seeing the singer and reality turtle beauty on the red carpet together. They said they could not imagine a relationship between the two television stars.

Although he and Clea will not be a future couple, Nathan Pietro To find the 27-year-old attractive. No wonder, after all, visual beauty fits exactly into the predatory program of the DSDS jury this year. Just like his ex-wife Sara (26), Calea is finally charming with glamorous glamor and shiny brown hair.

The musician Pietro Lombardi, May 2018Photos of GettyPhoto Gallery button
The musician Pietro Lombardi, May 2018
Clay-Lacey and her former bachelor's degree candidateRobert Schlesinger / Getty

Clay-Lacey and her former bachelor's degree candidate
Sarah Lombardi in GreeceInstagram / Sarlax 3

Sarah Lombardi in Greece

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