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Food warning in November 2018: infected bacteria in the intestines! Rewe retrieves this cheese


A French dairy calls raw milk cheese.
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In raw milk cheese of milk "Fermat Chapuis" E.coli were discovered bacteria, which can lead to heavy food poisoning. Sold cheese Germany only ReweBranches in Dortmund and Kopark in the northern Rhine and Westphalia.

Cheese Recall at Rewe! This product is affected

Affected is the raw milk cheese "Perle de Compostelle" from the French milk "Farma Chapuis" with an expiration date of 16/11/2018 which is sold exclusively for fresh food counters. As a precaution, customers should pay attention to the identification number "FR 43.020.002 CE", which is marked as an elliptical seal on the packaging.Consumers should not consume affected products, but return them to the respective retailer.

Serious damage to health is caused by bacteria producing toxin

According to the company, the cheese contaminated with bacteria produce a toxin (E.coli), which can cause severe diarrhea. In particular, in children under six years of age, immunosuppressed and elderly, life-threatening complications may occur. He warned of stomach disorders and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as bleeding and kidney complications. People who show symptoms after eating should urgently consult a doctor.

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