Saturday , April 17 2021

Forbes list: Donald Trump crashes in the billionaire rankings

The club of the top ten continued to grow despite the economic downturn in the plague. According to Forbes magazine’s current wealth list, 2,755 people, and therefore more than ever, have more than $ 1 billion at their disposal.

While Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is the undisputed leader, some of the developers were able to put in the effort last year. Boss Tesla Elon Musk was one of the winners in the crisis with a fortune of $ 177 billion, he made up more than 30 places – and now he is in second place. Also starring for the first time was reality star Kim Kardashian, who became a billionaire club through self-marketing.

But for former U.S. President Donald Trump, things are no longer going smoothly. It crashed nearly 300 places. According to Forbes, his fortune has shrunk by nearly a third from $ 3.5 billion to $ 2.4 billion, putting him in 1299th place.

A very rich German in 34th place in the world

If he had given up, sold and reinvested his business at the beginning of his tenure, the magazine calculated based on the development of the stock market, he would be richer by about $ 1.6 billion today. It seems that presiding and doing business on the side is not working so well.

The first European on the list of the rich is Bernard Arno: third place. His LVMH group owns more than 70 luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Moat and Chandon and Bulgarian. The Frenchman recently made headlines with the planned takeover of the Tiffany jewelry chain. This will be the most expensive deal in LVMH history.

According to Forbes, Arno itself can look back on a fortune of $ 150 billion. This means that it holds almost twice as much as the next rich European: the Spanish Emancio Ortega ($ 77 billion, the eleventh place in the world).

The wealthy Germans only come a long way in the Forbes list: Beata Heister and Karl Albrecht Jr., who are responsible for Aldi Sud, are in 34th place in the world (fifth place across Europe). Liddle founder Dieter Schwartz comes in 35th place with a fortune of $ 36.9 billion. In Europe it is just ahead of candy magnate Giovanni Ferrero, who holds a fortune of $ 34.8 billion (38th place worldwide).

The top ten on the Forbes list for 2021 (estimated assets in parentheses) are:

1st place: Jeff Bezos ($ 177 billion)

2nd place: Elon Musk ($ 151 billion)

3rd place: Bernard Arno ($ 150 billion)

4th place: Bill Gates ($ 124 billion)

5th place: Mark Zuckerberg ($ 97 billion)

Grade 6: Warren Buffett ($ 96 billion)

9th place: Sergey Brin ($ 89 billion)

10th place: Ambani Mine ($ 84.5 billion)

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