Monday , October 3 2022

Formula 3: Münchnerin Flörsch after Macao operation were operated


Born in Munich, aged 17, was operated on Monday by the chief doctor of the Kunda Hospital in Norwich, Macao, for about 11 hours. This procedure takes so long that doctors will have to proceed cautiously because of the neural pathways. His daughter's spinal cord was unharmed, her father said, who was in the hospital. In addition, there were no signs of paralysis prior to the procedure. His daughter is now being monitored by the intensive care unit, and she has to stay there overnight.

Heavy accident

Flörsch was badly injured on a dangerous narrow street circuit on Sunday Macao in Formula 3 final world. The teenage girl lost control of her race car from the Dutch team Van Amersfoort on the straight ahead of the Lisbon curve, having collided with a competitor in the past. Their car then picked up over 250 kilometers per hour and crashed without checking through the safety fences a few meters high against the crash barriers.When Flörsch was rescued from the car, the Munich woman was completely unaware and then shared on Twitter which she was fine.

On board the board captured by the FIA

All in all, four people were involved in the crash. The FIA ​​International Automobile Federation has opened an investigation into the accident. The exact background is still unclear. "Unfortunately, we can only guess what happened.

The images of Sofia's integrated camera were confiscated by the FIA, so we could not estimate yet, "said Fritz van Amersfoort, Florsch's team manager, Cologne Express.

Macau Grand Prix has three fatal accidents in recent years. British motorcycle star Daniel Hagerty clashed there in 2017, five years earlier, Portuguese motorcycle rider Louis Carrier and driver driver Philippe Yao from Hong Kong died on the runway.

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