Thursday , October 28 2021

Green, SPD and FDP sound-haze traffic lights are possible


FFrankfurt (dpa) – for the establishment of the government in Hassa wants top politicians from the Greens, SPD and FDP today in Frankfurt to talk about a possible traffic light.

This is the first debate for such a coalition with all three parties after the country's election on 28 October. The result of the exact election should be published on Friday. It is possible that the state of majority passes from the initial result.

Greens were after the initial result just gossip before the second powerful power SPD. As a result, in a coalition with the SPD and the FDP, the Greens could claim the post of prime minister – but the Liberals refused to join a green government.

Despite considerable losses, the CDU remains the strongest party in Hesse and hopes to establish a green-green coalition. However, both sides agreed to wait for the final outcome of the elections before the start of official negotiations Coalition.

Elections in the country

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