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Helen Fischer viewers experience fiasco – violent reactions: “You came to the bathroom with it”


Suddenly there was a black screen in the stream of Helen Fisher – the fans did not like it at all.

© Screenshot: YouTube / Helen Fisher (Official)

Helen Fisher wanted to sweeten the waiting time for the release of the album to her fans via video. The YouTube stream has become a fiasco.

Munich – an evening of superlatives for all Helen Fischer fans! Precisely at midnight on October 15, Queen Schlager’s new album will be released – it is titled “Rausch”. To feed the anticipation and sweeten the waiting time of the fans, the singer opened a live broadcast the evening before the day of release.

Led by Jenin Ullman, Fischer answered questions there, talked about the creation of the album and received messages from fans and celebrities – how many tears quickly fell from the otherwise difficult musician. Some fans also said they could catch the first hint of their baby banging under the 37-year-old’s wide sweater.

Helen Fisher hosts a live YouTube broadcast – surprising shelling

In addition to all of these highlights, which are actually already full-length, there should be another explosion. The premiere of Helen’s song “From Zero to a Century” was announced at exactly 7:45 p.m. Later, a few minutes before the album was released at midnight, the clip was supposed to be premiered. Suddenly the hit star announced a special surprise in the creek.

“We’re already dropping the bomb,” Fisher announced that the clip for the song is set to celebrate its world premiere at 7:45 p.m. In fact an encouraging message to the fans – but what Jenin Ullman later announced caused a huge change in mood.

Helen Fischer Live: Fans stare at the black screen for minutes – and get upset

“Now switch to TikTok,” the host of the evening exclaimed – and after the YouTube stream came a black screen for minutes. In fact, the video’s debut probably only ran on the social media platform, which is especially popular with younger people. A fact that the fans did not like at all. What many of the fans probably did not know: the schedule and change at 19:45 was announced in advance. Obviously some did not notice – after all, about 24,000 fans were watching YouTube at the time. Some were surprised by the switch and vented their anger on YouTube comments.

From “laughed” to “you really got the toilet with it” to “I feel like I’m laughing”, it didn’t take long to respond to nasty reactions. Many fans have been disappointed or desperately looking for help to get through TikTok in time. It immediately elicited hundreds of responses. Thousands of spectators left the creek within minutes – a small fiasco.

But even that did not improve. Because instead of the YouTube stream running again after the songs’ debut, the screen on the video platform remains black. Only a timer, set for midnight and therefore expired according to the release of Helen Fisher’s album, faded and a message attached with the text “Continue on TikTok” has appeared for the time being. Only a mini-video from Fisher’s new hit “Vamos a Marte” popped up for a few seconds after a tormenting 25 minutes, then blackened again. Fans are already puzzled about technical flaws. Which particularly upset many: on TikTok, the stream continued to operate as usual. However, only for people who have an account in the app. (They have)

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