Saturday , April 17 2021

“I was thinking about my boyfriend”: Andrea Gerhard breaks up the sex scene

“I was thinking about my friend”
Andrea Gerhard breaks down the sex scene

Andrea Gerhard has been part of the successful series “Der Bergdoktor” since 2019. The filming recently led the actress to her first sex scene. It was a “real challenge,” she now reveals. Despite the sharp shots, the house blessing is not crooked.

Quite uncomfortable sex scenes for many actors. It is clear that the actress “Bergdector” Andrea Gerhard, who filmed her first sex scene in the last episode. In an interview with Bild newspaper, the 37-year-old said of the cinematic Techtelmalcht with colleague Heiko Ruprecht: “This is the most unromantic thing you can imagine.”

There were at least ten people around you and it was stormy and cold in the cabin. The shooting would take 2.5 hours. “It’s a real challenge to shoot something like that authentically,” Gerhard says. In the morning she was very nervous, but on the set it disappeared: “Heiko Ruprecht was very empathetic because he knew it was the first time for me.”

At that moment she was thinking of her friend, fellow actor David Walla. He was not at all jealous: “But when the scripts came it was already an issue.” Since 2019, Gerhard has played the assistant physician Lynn Kemper in the ZDF series “Der Bergdoktor”.

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